Wednesday, April 24, 2013

wednesday morning thoughts

Okay, so, this morning I attempted to do an Xtreme Barre workout video. Just one I came across on On Demand. PEOPLE! That stuff is no joke. My legs were literally shaking about 9 minutes in. I kept looking down at them while I did wonky plies on my tip toes, thinking- are those really my legs shaking? Is this really happening?? It was bizarre. Suffice it to say I did not complete the entire 36 minutes. Oh no. But I will be trying again later this week!

I'm really excited to try these yummy black bean and sweet potato quesadillas tonight. YUM!

The other morning I found a few wayward ants around my kitchen sink. Every spring those dumb, determined little boogers try to cramp my fling open all the windows and let the spring air in style by coming in our kitchen window. SO annoying.

I discovered Hazel & Olive clothing through a friend on Facebook and I am in love! Have you seen it? They have such fun, girly dresses and at really great prices. I wish I was the type of girl who actually "got ready" each day and looked cute and breezy in a pretty dress while trolling the aisles of Target. I can dream, right? I want this and this and this top. And this!

Evie's new favorite word is "sure!" But it sounds more like "sir" when she says it. :) I swear, she said it no less than 96 times yesterday. Love it.

Oh, what else did she say yesterday, you ask? At dinnertime she looked at me and said "I got a lot of energy". Aaaaannnnnddddd that was my cue to head out to Bible study and leave daddy in charge for the night

I feel like I have attempted to store away my winter boots at least 5 times this month, thinking boot weather was over for good. Only to have to dig them out a day or two later. I'M OVER YOU, WINTER!

It's officially garage sale season! I get so excited every time I drive by a big neighborhood and see their 'Neighborhood Garage Sale This Saturday' signs on display. I'm nerdy like that. And neighborhood garage sales are the best. My friend Sarah and I are planning to do one together in a few weeks, so I really need to start going through all of our closets. Time to purge!


  1. haha I haven't tried the Barre classes, but I just joined the gym in our building and their classes are kicking my booty, which is what's supposed to happen right?! But I've been so sore! :) I'll have to check out that site. I love that skirt! and I also do love holding garage sales now. I did two with friends last summer, and now I am always finding more stuff that I need to put in a garage sale. hah

  2. Hazel & olive! I'll have to check it out!! Good luck on your yard sale!

  3. Love that dress! I'll have to check out Hazel & Olive. So cool that you were at the Driller's game too. You should have come said hello. :)


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