Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Syanara to my appendix

Well, after complaining about how busy life was a few weeks ago, my appendix decided to throw us a curveball and really spice things up around here by going out on me. That's right- as of last Tuesday, I'm one organ shy of a full deck.

I miss that sucker like you wouldn't believe.

So after what really was the most insane week of my life, I am slowly getting back to normal. Cleaning toilets, applying mascara, counting my gold bars. You know, the usual. We truly wouldn't have survived without our amazing family, who all happened to be coming in at the exact time we needed them. I could never have planned that, but God surely could! We are so grateful.

So, Vintage Market Days came and went, and was a rip-roaring success for Lilac Row. Yay! Again, there was no way it would have happened at all if it weren't for my amazing mom and sweet friend Sarah. They set our booth up beautifully and basically ran everything while I sat around all hopped up on pain meds.

Pictures of the event and our new home coming soon!! I promise!


  1. So glad you're okay! Looking forward to catching up!

  2. Such bad timing for your silly appendix. So happy to meet you at Vintage Market Days (and your cute friend Sarah -- she was there when I picked up my growth chart). I hung it this week and marked Hudson & Ella's heights. Will share on the blog soon.

  3. Oh no thats awful!! I'm sorry!!


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