Friday, February 7, 2014

Some mama encouragement

I have read a number of really good blog posts and articles in the past week, that have spoken to me as a mother. Motherhood is so amazing and rewarding. And HARD. I think we moms are the hardest on ourselves and it's so easy to get consumed with whatever tough phase is currently going on at home. 

So if you've already exceeded your "yell quotient" for today (a friend on FB posted about this recently!), or are struggling through potty training or sleeping issues or back talk… grab a cup of coffee and lock yourself in the bathroom to read through some of these. And I hope you're as encouraged by these sweet women as I have been… to be present, to love our little ones well and to give ourselves a much needed break sometimes.

And then watch the video at the end. You'll most certainly cry and it's a beautiful depiction of a mama's love.


  1. OMG , that video was a tear jerker! Thanks for sharing! Remember to enjoy each day with your little ones, they go by so quickly. And remember, there are no "perfect" parents. Blessings

  2. I'm not a mama yet but I watch other mom's in awe. I know it's incredibly hard at times. I know just from your blog that you are a great mommy, and your little one is lucky to have you. Hang in there!


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