Monday, September 21, 2009


Do you multitask? I do... nearly to a fault, I'm starting to realize. I think all women do, and much more than men, in my experience. I'm sure I've read somewhere that women tend to multitask a lot, whereas men like to focus in on one thing.

You know, tunnel vision.

Not that I'm bagging on men- it is important to pay attention to what you are doing, but for me, I just feel better if I'm getting more than one thing done at a time. Does anyone else feel that way? The thought occurred to me this morning as I was brushing my teeth and doing my morning squats in front of the bathroom mirror...

But that's what leads me to my next point: focus. I have never really considered myself a clumsy person. In fact, I consider myself as graceful as a ballerina (harhar). No really, I have a "clumsy" friend or two and never thought I fell into that category. But in the course of getting ready this morning I dropped a can of hairspray, banged my shin on a cabinet drawer and knocked over a jar of Q-tips.

And that's not all that unusual for me.

Most of my life I've had a least one or two unaccounted for bruises on my extremities. I'm slowly realizing they're self-inflicted. I'm just too darn busy gettin 'er done to pay attention to the counter height or or that pesky leg of the table to move my body out of its path.

My husband will just stand there in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. Or get a text message and stop what he's doing and tap out a response. Or simply sit on the sofa, watching football.

And all in all, he is bruise free.

But I can't handle it. I've got to be making dinner while simultaneously cutting out coupons or paying some bills. If I'm watching tv I like to have a project to work on while I watch. If I'm catching up on emails, I open another tab and cruise craigslist while I'm waiting for the email page to load.

So is it better to focus in on the one thing you are doing or get a tons more done in less time?..

Obviously if you are driving, you should only be focused on that. I've had to drastically cut back on my mascara application and texting while I'm behind the wheel, and for good reason.

But seeing how those morning squats I get in while brushing my teeth are about the only regular exercise I do these days, I'm thinking I should keep it up.

Cause I've also been known to do double duty with just about anything while simultaneously stuffing my face.


  1. No wonder you are in such great shape! : )

  2. keep the squats up you'll be sooooooooo glad you did!and when you feel like your over doin the multi tasking or triple duty... a long deep breath does a body good!!!

  3. Awwww thank you for such a sweet comment~

  4. I multi-task?! It's reee-dik-ulous how much I *think* I can do at once, though I am pretty good at it really (no major bruises). :) Kudos on the morning squats! But seriously, I'm with you all the way on this one, girl. Keep on keeping on...multi-tasking/ADD...whatever you wanna call me, that's the only way I can live life.

  5. Maybe you can make Round Top in the's so worth it~


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