Tuesday, July 6, 2010

18 Weeks: Ode to a Belly Dancer

Eeeek! 18 Weeks! We're nearly halfway there baby! :)

Sadly, I still have nadamucho to report on the actual BUMP portion of this update.. I had a slight freakout last week when I apparently lost the 3 pregnancy pounds I thought I had gained. After an initial, involuntary squeal of glee at seeing the scale go down, I realized this was not actually what I was after.. (my how the tables flip when you're growing a child inside of you! And, why on earth can't this happen at any other time of my life, I ask you? Why? WHY??)..
Needless to say, hubby was not happy with me and demanded that I eat a cheeseburger on the spot and gain a solid 10 pounds by August. We like deadlines at our house.

In all honesty, it freaked me out a little bit, too, but let's be frank here. I can retain water like nobody's business and a few fluctuating pounds just doesn't hold the same shock or alarm for me that it once did. I mean, I cut about 4 inches off my hair last night and immediately went down another 2 and a half pounds. WELCOME TO MY WORLD.

Moving on. My little belly has expanded some (I pinky swear!) recently, and it's not at all unlikely for me to walk around the office all day with my pants completely undone. Oh yeah, sure, sometimes I rig em with a hair tie, but some days I just say forget it and let it all hang out. Before you freak out on me, realize that I have only been wearing longer, loose fit tops on these special days, and I'm basically sequestered up in the attic of my office by myself, so no one's been traumatized. Yet.

The proof:
Target dressing room photo op.
Sorry for the bare tummy- it's not really my style, but I looked like a tent otherwise.

About two weeks ago I ordered a prenatal Pilates dvd, because who are we kidding- I'm not getting any more fit or limber laying around in bed all evening. I always imagined myself as this fit pregnant lady, working out throughout the whole thing, in shape and strong. Then I got introduced to a little first trimester action and all thoughts of actual movement flew out the window. I could barely walk at a normal speed. Old ladies were passing me on the way in to QT. Now I can come up with a whole long list of reasons why I would rather just lie around than move my body in anything resembling exercise. Even my teeth-brushing squats have taken a hiatus, and that's saying something.

So here we are, two weeks later and I finally decide to take the plastic off this dvd because I'm tired of the fit pregnant lady on the front cover mocking me and my ice cream. So my Saturday morning started off with some nice stretching and more general movement than I'm recently accustomed to. About 5 minutes in, I'm feeling the burn in my hammies and my soup can dumbbells are making sloshing noises as I gracefully fling my arms through the air. And I must say, I am not too thrilled with the audience I've somehow acquired in the form of my husband and dog, who have nothing better to do but stand in the kitchen eating breakfast and stare wide-eyed at the pregnant gal grunting and contorting in front of the tv. REAL SUPPORTIVE.

I somehow make it through the first 10 minute section, (Yeah, that's right. They're only 10 minutes each. No need to overextend myself.) and over-zealously decided that I can do another segment, goshdarnit! I wisely choose the floor routine, but get shamed again when Miss Ballerina with a Basketball Under Her Shirt sits in a virtual split and folds her entire body in half, reaching for her right foot. My legs look more like a baby v and it's all I can do to tuck my chin to my chest and shoot my toes a dirty look.

All in all, I'm happy with my new "exercise plan." I could only muster one 10 minute section the next day, and I haven't touched the stuff since, but baby steps. I have no doubt that in no time at all I will have the body of a dancer.

Like, maybe a belly dancer.

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  1. cute lil baby bump...you could take up belly dancin...you know it keep in shape along the way! yer hubby might like it too! tee he


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