Friday, July 23, 2010

Registration Central

I have officially started Baby Girl's registry!! I have no idea of the time line of when you are supposed to do this, other than that it should be before your shower(s).
I love me some online shopping and basically did 90% of my wedding registries online, so that's where I started here as well.

First up? Tarjay of course.

Here's the catch- I have only added one item at this point. :) Gotta start somewhere, right?? The Domestic Wannabe mentioned and recommended this hooded towel from the Little Seeds organic line at Target and I thought it looked good. Since I have absolutely nothing to base my wish list baby items on, I figure I should start now with a list and add to it as I come across items that other moms recommend that I think will work for us. Honestly, neither hubby or I want a ton of superfluous primary colored gear all over our house. I know that will be inevitable on some levels, but I'd like to just stick to what we need and that's it.
I've already decided we'll need to implement some sort of "one in, one out" rule with toys. I think it's really important to lay down the law with newborns. I've heard they can be wily.

So do you have any fabulous recommendations for me?? I see the bulk of our registry being every size diaper known to man, since they're pretty expensive and canceling our cable subscription is out of the question and there is no way no how I'm doing cloth diapers.

If you have any "must haves," let me know!
Or yeah, okay, if you see something at Target (Katie) that is totally adorable and my child can't live without, toss me a line about that, too and I'll add it to the list!

PS. Happy Birthday, Mom!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out and happy birthday to your mom!

    My sister swore by the ItzBeen Baby Timer. It is basically like a timer for all things baby, when you last nursed (even which boob -- you know that took a lot for me to type :), changed baby's diaper, etc. Other than that, you know I got nothing :).

    I will, of course, let you know all of the latest and greatest at Target. Consider me your personal shopper there.

  2. I second the thing Katie mentioned. Funny thing-her sister's baby is 4 months younger than mine, and they didn't have that when I registered!! It is great-there are so many things you have to remember, that having something to record the basics is great!!

    Things I loved? Um, pacifiers, swaddle blankets (the tighter, the better) or BRu Swaddle Me's, and, gee that's about it. The one thing I remember loooooving after my kiddo was born, was the Homeletics Spa Machine from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It is $20.00 and makes wonderful baby-rain noises that makes babies sleep all the live long day. Really, I think this thing is laced with some sort of drug. In a wonderful-making-the-baby-sleep-all-night- kind of way.

    I would be happy to impart any other wisdom, but every baby is different. With Target, just make sure you get a gift receipt because they are j.e.r.k.s in regards to returns.

    Happy Registering!!

  3. thank you! one more b-day behind me! You'll be such a wonderful mom...and very organized as well..which will be ever so handy when it comes right down to it! Enjoy the ride!!!

  4. Thanks for the tips, girls! I'm adding them to my list1


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