Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Manic Monday

I know, I know. It's not Monday anymore. And really, yesterday wasn't so manic, but that's what I'm going with.

Miracle of miracles, my child slept until 8:45 yesterday morning. But instead of getting up early and showering, etc, I chose to lay in bed and sleep sleep sleep. I stand behind my decision wholeheartedly.

So I decided I must get myself bathed and ready during her first nap of the day. And then- AND THEN- she proceeded to sleep for more than 2 glorious hours. (!!!!!) This is HUGELY uncommon at our house. My 30-minute napper likes to be awake and social so she doesn't miss one minute of the party.

I took full advantage of the long nap, expecting her to wake up at any second. I'm happy to say I got a lot done. I started dinner in the crockpot (total cooking maven right here) and nearly completed new pillows for our living room. Pat myself on the back, why don't I.

{Are you enjoying my Monday play-by-play? Exciting stuff, I tell you.}

I wanted to add some more color in our living room (read: hubby has requested a color other than NEUTRAL or BLUE). So I grabbed the napkins off my dining room table and got to work.

I've always loved these napkins from Pier 1. Lots of fun colors and a great print. Not easy to find. Twenty minutes later and my pillow covers are ironed and sewn. I was able to finish them up after Evie went to bed last night.

{See, lots of neutral. And I might never quit my love affair with blue. Now I'd like a new couch to go with my pillows..}

After Miss Sleepypants woke up from her nap, we headed to TJ Maxx to return a shirt I bought. If you must know, it was a pink tank top that they only had in a medium. I thought I could make it work, but once I got home and put it on, I realized the neon tent look just wasn't for me. But while we were there I scored these awesome nesting tables for Evie's nursery! I love them.

{At this rate I'm planning to reveal Evie's room in all it's glory when she's about 16.}

So that was my Monday. I feel very productive. How was the start of your week? Was it as exciting as mine??? :)


  1. Great score on the tables...perfect! and "WOW" on all that sleep! awesome!

  2. Love the pillows! I think you might be trying to make the rest of us look bad ;)!

  3. Congrats on the xtra sleep! That's a BIG deal! As a mama to a 2 mo. old I can so relate. I'm new to blogging...saw you over at the Flower Patch in thought I'd pop in & say "Hi."


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