Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tiny Dancer {Seven Months}

Oh my baby girl! Seven months, I can seriously, hardly believe it!! 

Seven Months sounds SO BIG to me.. I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be this big!
 Luckily she's a pretty little gal :) So she's still my teeny tiny baby!

This month has been all about mobility. Evie has been soo active and is literally on the verge of crawling. Each day this past week I've expected to look over and see her crawling around. She is scooting and  moving all the time. And actually, she has been doing some crawling, it's just in the wrong direction! She can go in reverse like nobody's business. :) She's up on all fours rocking and rocking. I'm going to need a baby gate! 

Evie has also started to toss her toys when she's done with them. Oy. I thought only boys did that??? It's both maddening and hilarious when we're in the car and I hear her chuck a rattle or something into the seat next to her. Sassy girl.

She is still a very happy girl and has really started to cheese it up! She has a fake cough laugh that she does.. most often it's directed toward our dog, Duke, which is pretty funny. And she's been doing this exaggerated sniffing/inhaling thing. Almost like she's hyperventilating, only she has this huge cheeseball grin on her face. I'd like to know where she learns this stuff! 

Naps and sleep have gotten a lot better lately. We did have to let her cry it out some :( Horrible. But at least it worked, so it wasn't all for nothing. I now no longer rock her to sleep and just put her down for naps wide awake. I actually really miss rocking her and wish she would let me rock her at least a little bit first, but it's better than having to rock/sway/walk/bounce her for 30 minutes or more. And this week she's had one or two hour long naps per day! For my 30 minute cat napper, that is HUGE! I pray it keeps up!  

My sweet Evie is so precious to me. Sometimes I just look down at her in complete awe that she's here.. and that she's mine! We are so blessed by this baby girl and don't want to take a minute of it for granted. Just don't grow up too fast, Little Miss!

p.s. Yay for Blogger and their updated post editor, aka bigger pictures!  So far, this is their single, solitary point. ;)


  1. She is beyond cute!!!! Love her headband!!!!

  2. ah! lil miss evie! can you believe our girlies are getting so big?--what the? i love her little headband--and to answer your question--yes! i use either honey or Karo syrup to get those little bows to stick on Nora's noggin--my fav little ones are from louandlee (the itty bitty line).
    and she is almost crawling--go E! Nora is so not interested in that biz:)

  3. Awe, she is just adorable! Her hair is getting so long and her little personality is really coming out! I'm so happy for you that you are so happy! Mommy-hood is the best!!!

  4. this is my favorite hairstyle!!!!


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