Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 100 Workout

So I saw this little workout plan on Pinterest yesterday:

The 100 Workout
100 Jumping Jacks
90 Crunches
80 Squats
70 Leg Lifts
60 Jumping Jacks
50 Crunches
40 Squats
30 Leg Lifts
20 Jumping Jacks
Run for 10 Minutes

I pinned it at first, but then when I clicked through to the source, it was some awful blog about eating disorders. And not how to overcome one. Not cool. So I unpinned it, but printed out the plan first because I thought it was something I could actually do.

And Lord knows I need to workout.

People. It's seriously been months since I've done any real exercise. That includes going for a walk around the neighborhood because we are currently in the middle of Heat Wave Twenty Eleven, not to be confused with our previous fun weather experience this year, Blizzard Twenty Eleven. What is UP this year, Al Gore???

Anyway. I did it! And I'm still alive to tell about it.

Follow along, won't you? A little play-by-play for your Hump Day. No need to worry- I thought pictures of me doing this might cross the line a bit and guarantee you would never be back. You're welcome.

100 Jumping Jacks. Ok, ok. I can do this. Not a problem. Right around jack 60 I decided it might be a good idea to throw on a sports bra. Duh. Also during this little break I noticed that my shorts were on backwards, so all around off to a winning start. 

90 Crunches. Ahhhh, laying down! Good call, since I may or may not be hyperventilating after jumping around the living room. As a rule, I hate crunches, but these didn't bother me at all.

80 Squats. Easy peasy. All thanks to my semi-daily teeth brushing squat regimen. I'm rocking this workout. 

70 Leg Lifts. Back to the floor! I now have an audience in Evie and Duke and you would think it was opening night on Broadway the way they're tracking my leg flying through the air.

60 Jumping Jacks. Not too bad.. starting to feel a slight clenching in my hiney on the right side..

50 Crunches. Evie's losing interest in the freak show and staring off into space and let's be honest- I'm doing more resting than crunching. Break to put her down for a nap.

40 Squats. al.most.done.

30 Leg Lifts. A little slower but still going.

20 Jumping Jacks. My jacks have definitely lost their pep. My body is basically out of my control as my arms fly around haphazardly. You can do it. You can do it.

Run for 10 minutes. Yeah, not happening. 
  A. It's one billion degrees outside
  2. I don't have a treadmill and running in place lost it's shine for me around age 7.
  And d. I figure I got all the cardio I need today with those jumping jacks.

So instead I did 10 push-ups. On my knees. No need to get crazy. I realized this plan left my arms completely out of the mix. Whoever came up with the workout must be a mom with a 35lb baby carrier and therefore, arms of steel. Like moi.

So! To say I'm proud of myself for working out is putting it mildly. A reward in the form of something sweet is likely in the cards for me. I like to reward good behavior. For myself. Reward myself.
Don't you??

So what are you doing to keep active this blasted hot summer? Anyone into yoga? I still want to try it consistently sometime. I figure those hot yogis are making a killing with all they're saving on their heating bill right now. Just send the poor people outside and call it a day! 


  1. it 70 leg lifts on both sides or 70 total? Um, totally need to do this!

  2. I'm sickened by the fact there is a website out there on how to maintain an eating disorder! That said I'm all about this work out and your commentary was cracking me up. No working out for me, studying was my excuse but I've been on a hiatus so I really have no excuses. Maybe this workout is just what I need!

    Side leg lifts or from your knees?

  3. I say 70 leg lifts total! :) And any kind of leg lifts you want.. I did them laying down and did two variations to mix it up.

  4. you are hilarious! and this workout rocks!

  5. A, 2 and D! Love it!


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