Friday, July 8, 2011

Some Finished Projects

Time for a little housekeeping, aka Operation Project Dump.
I've been up to all sorts of little projects and wanted to share a few with you here!

First up, this $8 mirror that I scored at a church rummage sale a few weeks ago. I actually kind of liked the gold metallic finish, but it just doesn't go with anything in my house. 

Gratuitous leg shot is a gift from me to you. Enjoy.

After a little faux silver leafing, black stain and some distressing, she fits in much better with our decor.
Not that you can really tell by these stellar pictures. Mirrors are hard to photograph!

Some of the gold peeks through because of the distressing I did, but I like it!

Next up is this little tray I made over. I found it in Hobby Lobby's clearance section (along with a bunch of other great stuff!) and knew I could make it over to sell in our booth.

After some white paint, a few painted stripes and distressing, I like this baby MUCH better!

I don't have a Before picture of my last project.. but they were another Hobby Lobby clearance score. Originally these hooks had a fleur d'lis painted on the front. I just painted right over it and then attached these metal numbers. 

The numbers stand for the ages my husband I are if you calculated it by how much water we drink daily, our sun exposure and how much sleep we get each day. 

Can you guess which one of us is 41???

Total BS up there on the numbers. Just some random numbers I picked. 
Wink Wink.

So what projects have you been doing? Do share!

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  1. Love all of these projects! I have a Hobby Lobby gift card that is burning a hold in my pocket. I may have to take a drive there this weekend and hit up clearance...I totally want to make some now!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. Oh...& as for projects...I'm in the middle of redoing my kids rooms. My girls just went to big girl beds this week so transforming their rooms a bit and now my son wants his room redone so that will be next! Gotta love projects!

  3. You are so talented! Clearly I need to visit your booth because heavens knows I would need to outsource those projects :)!

  4. I Love the hooks! Those would look great in Rhett's room! Did you get the metal numbers at Hob Lob too?

  5. killer projects chick--love em all~


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