Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tiny Dancer {Eight Months}

Our girl is 8 months!

Whew! This has been a BIG month in Evie-town.

She started crawling on July 3, just past her 7 month birthday, and never looked back. So dad and I have had to be on our toes. This girl is into everything! She's so curious and so, SO busy. :) Once she gets playing she will hardly sit still! Nursing has become a full-contact sport, as she jumps and looks around at any little sound and just doesn't want to miss a single thing.

We've added lots of yummy fruits and veggies to her diet. Her favorites are bananas and avocados. Take note- this is exactly like mom!

Green beans didn't go over quite as well and she was on the fence on blueberries. She kept opening her mouth for a bite, but then would make a sourpuss face and even gagged a time or two. It was pretty funny.

Our girl has been growing and growing, but she's still a petite little lady. Everyone who sees and holds her comments on how little she is. It amazes me to see her crawling around and doing all these big girl things in such a tiny package. But I'm glad she's still teeny!

Last week Evie and I took a little road trip up to see my family. That was our first trip just the two of us, and she did great! I am so proud of her! She was a champ in the car and hardly fussed at all. That was a big relief, since I know she can get antsy after a while. Especially now that she wants to crawl everywhere.

It was such a nice visit. And she did great with seeing so many people and being passed around. She is just such a sweet and happy baby. It makes me so happy. I love seeing how much joy she brings to all her grandparents and family. 

While we were there, my mom saw that Evie was starting to want to pull up on a chair. Yeesh. So she helped her do it and stand up. And now? Well today I went in to get her up from a nap and she was STANDING in her crib! So I blame Grandy! I just can't believe how fast kids learn! She's a smart little cookie. 

Oh! And about two weeks ago her first teeth broke through! No chance for pictures, but her bottom two are peeking out! I thought I would know when they were coming, because I expected some crankiness, but I didn't have a clue! In hindsight, she was drooling pretty heavily the few days right before. So big!

** About this time in the photo shoot, she was over the chair and wanted down on the floor to explore :)

My little ham:

One last sweet thing. I have always showered my girl with kisses, especially when she's laying on the changing table or on the floor. I'll tell her I want a kiss and then kiss all over her sweet little cheeks and face. Well recently we noticed that she would lean toward you sometimes with her mouth open! She did this to my parent's dog while we were visiting and it was hilarious! Now I know for sure what she's doing and it makes my heart so happy. Ask her for a kiss and (usually!) she'll lean right toward your face so you can kiss her on the mouth. My sweet, sweet little girl.

I love you so much Evie!! 


  1. Talk about adorable!!! Really from her sweet little pig tails to her little legs, she is so precious!! So get ready, (said in my best sing-song voice) it's time to baby proof!!!!!! Cause once she's off.....she's off!!!!

    A couple things I feel I should mention, is 1)once the teething starts, it lasts for about 2 years, so go right now and buy stock in baby pan meds cause you are going to use all of them. And 2) 8 months of nursing? Let me know your neck size because I need to order you a cape deeming you a super hero, cause that stuff is H.A.R.D work! I only lasted a little under 4 months and it was tough. are a great little momma!

    Oh, and it goes by too fast. The cliche is true. Today Alex called me "mom" instead of the normal "mommy" and I about slapped him. Ok, I didn't slap him, but I quickly corrected him that I am "mommy" or "mama". I am fully prepared to pick him up from mother's day out to find him calling me "jane" and I will vomit on the spot.


  2. YAY Happy 8mos Evie!! I am SO proud of you for continuing to Nurse...we are headed towards 7mos and counting it was so hard in the beginning that's for sure!

    I am beyond jealous that you can put her hair in pig tails...adorable...Maddie still hardly has hair...I call it her toupee' look ;-)

    I also agree...time is going by way to fast YIKES!


  3. She is such a doll! I love that you are loving your new job as mommy, it really is the best! It all happens so fast from here on out...crawling to cruising...cruising to walking. Where does the time go? We'll just have to keep on having babies to make this time last:).

    Remind me to tell you about a super annoying baby name stealing story that is happening to me right irritating!

  4. ah--i love her little perfect pigs~ so darling! i can't believe 8 months have gone by....what the?? way to go on the nursing girly~

  5. thanx for sharing all those hilarious pics...she's my lil girl!!!! can't wait to get a kiss from her!!!

  6. She's such a compact lil' cutie! Can't believe she's already 8 months!



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