Sunday, March 18, 2012

Evie Time {Counting!}

Mommy Brag Time is now in session.

My 15 and a 1/2 month old child is counting people. COUNTING.

Tonight as I was getting her ready for bed, I started counting aloud the snaps on her jammies as I snapped them. 
Nothing unusual. 



What the what! She just said Three!

I kept going:



Ahhh!! Cue the Yays and Very Good Evie!'s and general show of mommy adoration. I seriously was in awe!
My smart girl.

Then we took our show on the road and went out to find Daddy.
Sister didn't disappoint. 

One, two, Fwee!
 And again while we were brushing teeth.

One, two, Fwee!

Four, five, Ssicks!

Evie has liked to "count" for quite a while now, using her little pointer finger and usually saying "two two" and pointing to objects when she sees more than one of something. And in the last few weeks she's started saying "one.." like she's going to start counting animals or objects in books. But those are the only two numbers I've every heard her say. Until tonight!

And I am so amazed that she knew the right number to say next. She wasn't repeating what I had just said- she already knew which number came next!

We are so amazed each day by this girl. She understands so much, it's unbelievable sometimes. Just a little sponge.

We're very proud of you Evie Girl!!


  1. i love it!! darling~ Nora just goes to 2...and if we say 3, she then again said 2--ha ha:)

  2. What a great milestone!! Your little one is so cute, especially in that last photo in the swing. Such a beautiful smile!


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