Sunday, March 11, 2012

Swim Lessons

How have I never posted about this?? I blame my age. Thirty is a tricky, tricky time in a woman's life. It's like glancing up and seeing your reflection in a store window and freaking out that you are two inches shorter and have a head full of white hair and orthopedic shoes on. After you've spit your coffee out of your mouth and clutched your chest, you realize it's the blue hair standing a few feet away from you that you're looking at.

Thirty, in a nutshell. Sigh.

Yes, her swimsuit from last year still fits. Teeny.

Well, Evie and I finished up her swim lessons a few weeks ago, so I thought I better do a little documenting. Since we signed up through a deal site, the class was only 3 weeks instead of the typical 4 weeks. So six classes total.

Admittedly, not enough time for her to master her butterfly stroke. And sadly, she's not jumping in on her own and straight up SWIMMING toward me, unassisted, like Manny the Olympian, but that's okay. We have all summer to practice our drills.

Daddy came to our last class to watch & document.

Evie cracked me up during class. Every time she went under the water, she would come up, catch her breath and then let out a scream. To show her displeasure, I imagine. After a while it was clear she was just doing it for effect. Sister sticks with what she knows.


She was a master at hanging on the wall and then climbing up onto it. And of course loved the little duck slide and tossing the random fish, crabs, etc. across the pool.

All in all, it was a good time. It was clear they wanted you to sign up for the next class. And the next. I feel like they could have taught us a few more things in the time we had, but I guess that's what they base their business on- class after class after class. But I'm glad we did it and Evie definitely has more confidence in the water, so this summer should be fun! Here's hoping I remember all the little songs we sang to go along with the routines...


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  2. I am cracking up at your commentary about are too funny girl!! Glad swim lessons went well. I'm so bummed we aren't going to be able to do them this year...Manny loved them too. :)

  3. Where did you guys take your swim class and how did you find it?

  4. yep i am right there with ya in the 30 club! i love how she is still so itty --and swimmer lessons? i need to get on that business


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