Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday {Sangria, Sewing & Sassypants}

1 // A girl I went to college with recently started a super cute Etsy store: Syd & Stitch. I LOVE the name and logo. Isn't it adorable!? Go check it out!

2 // Little Miss Independent. Sometimes I still can't believe she's mine. Her sassy-pants personality has come out in full force this past month. We have had more time-outs and trying moments than I can count. More "I can do it mySELF!" and "Evie can do it!" in a day than I care to hear in year. And all signs point to her getting this specific independent gene directly from me. I can remember saying the exact same things and my poor mom responding with "well who needs a mother?" And if I remember it? Well, that means this little 'phase' isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Sigh. But I also love watching her discover that she can do something on her own. Seeing her jump off the ottoman over and over and over... noticing in amazement that she's put together a 24 piece, normal puzzle completely by herself... seeing her determined look as she tries for 5 minutes to buckle her sandals, trying not to care that we're going to be late. Because this independence that she has? It's confidence, pure and simple, and I couldn't be happier that she has it in spades already.

3 // House news! We are officially scheduled to close on both houses in two weeks! YIKES! I am SO super excited and SO super overwhelmed by that thought. The contract was signed on our current house this week, without a hitch. Which is a huge blessing and relief. But a part of me doesn't really think our new house will be done in two weeks. It's mostly there, but there are a number of small things that still need to be done: carpet, tub installation, lighting installation, front door, landscaping, possible countertop switch in the master (bleh), touch-ups, and more. Glad I'm not responsible for all of that! And let's be honest, having another week for me to pack this place up would be amazing.

4 // I feel like my entire house is covered in little tiny threads and fibers and fabric scraps. I'm finishing up some window seat cushions for a client and sewing and working with linen is no joke. SO wrinkly! I love it but I'm about to throw my iron through a window. Also, the maid needs to get on the vacuuming, stat.

5 // Girls Night! I'm heading to dinner with some friends tonight and it's long overdue. I really wish I had a fun new dress to wear and I'm contemplating mixing up some yummy sangria for pre-dinner drinks! YUM!

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. You make your own Sangria, how fun! I'll bet your super excited about the move! (maybe not all the lugging around of your stuff).... and the lil one, so smart!!!!!

  2. Yay for your house!! Can't believe it is so soon!! And, Evie, seriously couldn't be cuter! Love her independence!!!

  3. I wish we were close enough to have a play date! Sounds like our littles have similar personalities!


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