Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New House: Paint Colors

(L-R) Gray Owl, Coventry Gray and Chelsea Gray
So this past weekend our new house got painted! Honestly, it was all a bit of a whirlwind last Friday, when I HAPPENED to call our builder to check in and see what was next on the books. That's when they let me know that a crew was there painting and would be done painting the whole house this weekend. SAY WHAT!?

Luckily I basically already knew what I wanted, but I still wanted to see some paint samples up on the walls before making the final decision. I had already decided to go with Benjamin Moore's Decorators White for the cabinets and trim, so by the time I got there they had already been painted. Then it was a mad dash to hold up swatches in each room and narrow it down to a few choices. They told us we could pick TWO colors for the entire house (interior). SHHHMMMM. That's not easy, in my opinion, but we all know I'll be painting rooms in no time. Also? We have tall, vaulted ceilings in a few rooms, so the color would flow all the way up... I didn't want some weird, dark color on our ceilings. In the end, since the builder is a friend of ours, we got to choose 3 interior colors. (All Benjamin Moore paint. He's my boyfriend of the paint world).

SO! What did I pick??

Shocker Alert! I went gray. :)

I really wanted to keep things light and airy in the main rooms and have lots of natural light bouncing around. Gray Owl was the winner for the family room, kitchen and basically 87% of the house:


The middle pic above reads as purple, but it's definitely not. I think that last picture represents the color the best. Also? I am LOVING the light (unfinished) floors in that last picture!! It's totally opposite of the dark floors we've been planning on this whole time, but light wood floors have seriously been growing on me lately...

For the master bedroom and Evie's room, I went with a deeper gray- Coventry Gray. I knew I definitely wanted a medium gray for Evie's room, so I just went with the same color for our room. 

And for our third color choice, I went with Beach Glass. I really wanted the powder bathroom to be something different and fun, but then when it came down to it, did it really make sense to have our third color be only in one small room? So I ended up having them paint the upstairs bathroom the same color. Since there are no windows in either of these bathrooms and no lights, it was hard to get a picture of this color. It's actually a really pretty, soft blue/green.
So there you have it! It is amazing how different and REAL the house looks now that it's been painted. And I just got word that they've started installing our countertops, so we'll be heading over there to check it all out in just a bit!
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  1. Wow!! LOVE the paint choices! We have gray owl downstairs as well and love it. It's definitely light and airy. :)

  2. I am so impressed you picked paint so quickly - that's stressful! Love all the grays!! The floors look a-mazing! We have really dark wood floors in our house and while I love the look, I am not at all crazy that they show dust, dirt and everything else really easily - like sweep nonstop easily. I think what you have is beautiful and you won't have a broom permanently fixed to your hands. The house looks fabulous! Keep the pictures coming!

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! It's getting so close to being done! I've got a thing for Ben too. Unfortunately, our builder won't let me use him. I'm not a happy girl :( I'm praying I can come up with a close enough match to BM Revere Pewter. Finger's crossed!

  4. It is looking beautimus! Can't wait to see it with all of the finishing touches. I too have a thing for Ben, but I have a thing for Sherwin too! We're not exclusive;).

  5. I went with a gray on most living spaces in our house that I'm really disappointed with as it has blue/purple undertones that come out in different lighting. I'm thinking I might have to eventually get it re-painted as I've tried living with it and am still not happy. Let me know how you like your gray!!

  6. Love those shades of gray! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Nice choice of color, Aja! What I really like about gray is that the hue can give some depth to the house's interior. And because it's a neutral color, it won't be difficult for you to mix and match furniture. It is one of the advantages you can get from picking neutral colors.

    -->Suzie @


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