Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tiny Dancer {2 Weeks Old}

It dawned on me the other day that I might want to do monthly pictures of Evie in a certain spot to see how she grows..
So yesterday was her 2 week birthday and we did a few shots in the rocker in her room.

She was not amused.


  1. Well, I must say, two weeks works very well for her! She is such a doll! I just love her little legs and sweet, little belly button!! I could! (Not really.)

    This may sound random, but go with me. So you know when you are engaged and planning your wedding and then have your wedding.....then actually GO to weddings as a married couple? You cry because the bride is so beautiful, and the flowers are lovely and being a happily married wife yourself, you know the happiness they have in store for them? And then you even see movies of weddings and cry then too because you remember the love YOU had when you got married?

    Well, having babies is the same.....times a million. And don't forget to add in the hormones. So when old ladies come up to you in CVS or random people who you have never met comment on your blog *cough, cough*, just know it is because we have been there and truly love experiencing watching your amazing journey unfold.

    That being said, keep the pics of sweet Evie coming!


  2. oh she is so sweet! i love the monthly picts and seeing how they grow--because it happens so fast, and right before your eyes!

  3. Oh Aja, she is just PRECIOUS!! I don't know if any of my other comments have come through - I've tried to comment from my phone as I have barely been on the computer but I'm not sure it worked. Anyway, I am SO SO happy for you and just LOVE her name! She is such a doll. Hope you are doing well! :)

  4. good idea on the "growing" photos...keep em coming


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