Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Due Date

Today, December 7, is Evie's official Due Date.

Obviously, my little girl is very advanced and is already here. :) A full week old, in fact! I really can't believe that we've had her for a whole week...

Hubby mentioned the other night that it feels like we've always had her.. and yet she's so new. I just want to soak up all of this baby newness. I don't really want her to grow, honestly! I want her to stay itty bitty and precious forever..

I wouldn't mind if we worked on our sleep schedule, though.. Evie has her days and nights pretty mixed up and likes to keep mommy up for a good portion of the night. And by good portion I mean all night. Last night she simply did not want to be put down. Dustin asked what was wrong at one point and I said she just wants to be held. He replied, "hmm.. well we know where she gets that." (I request to be "held" all the time. Physical Touch is high up there in the Love Languages rankings at our house). And who am I to deny this sweet little thing if she just wants her mom to hold her?

But overall, life is very, very good right now.
I could not feel more love for one teeny babe if I tried.


  1. I can't believe she's already here! It seem like just yesterday, you announced you were pregnant. Congrats! She's beautiful!

  2. Love her facial expressions!!! I can't blame her for wanting to be held!!! It's cold out there ;)!

  3. oh girly! i am so glad you are al doing well, and just loving every second with your little babe! she is precious!!

  4. Yes, hold her all night long while you can! Later, I found that swaddling really helped my baby sleep better.

  5. Hi, I found you through the bathroom linky party. Great bathroom and super cute baby girl! I wanted to give a suggestion about her being up all night. Since you are nursing, have you tried co-sleeping? It is the only way that I can get my baby to sleep almost all night. Good luck!


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