Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tiny Dancer {Four Months}

Evie Girl is a big FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!

At four months old, this little love bug weighs 12.9 lbs and is 24 inches long! She is right on track in the growing department, though I think she's going to be a petite little lady. :) I love it.

I nearly forgot to get these pictures taken today- we were busy busy today! So they're a little fast and furious, but as usual, Evie was movin and groovin during our shoot. Her little legs were kicking and her arms flailing. Soo cute! Bathtime right now is the same- she's started splashing the water and gets a big kick out of herself when the water flies everywhere. It's such a joy to see her sweet, happy little personality coming out.

And of course, working on her roll:

{A perfect 10!}

I just love this girl's "wild hair"! Every time my mother-in-law watches Evie, her hair is always slicked down and in perfect place with a bow when I come home. :) But when it's just us, well, we embrace the wildness. My favorite is the little wayward curl over her left ear. Love you Baby Girl!


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