Saturday, March 19, 2011


My dad plays in a band back in my hometown.. He's always been a musician and I can remember tagging along to random, um, nightclubs, during daylight hours as a kid when he would have practice. :) Don't tell my mom...

Anyway, when I discovered I was pregnant the first time, I made little onesies for each of our parents as our way of sharing the news. I thought the one I made for my dad and step-mom was pretty cute:

I just remembered a little while ago that they had this, so they sent it our way to get some pictures of Evie in it before she's too big! My little baby is growing!

One of these days we'll make the trip home so she can see her Grandpa play a gig. I have a feeling she's going to be their #1 Fan.

Here is where things started going south.
Sister wasn't hearing the tunes she requested...


  1. So, so cute!!! Love the onesie as well!!!

  2. love that onsie! and she is so presh! how are our girlies growing so stinkin fast? weren't we just prego? sheesh!

  3. She's definitely their cutest groupie!


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