Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Morning Thoughts

Not really sure if this is going to become a regular thing... like a dumping ground for my overactive mind. Not even sure if anyone is reading these posts. But it's Friday and I've got thoughts. So here we go.

1. At one point in time I announced that I was going to give up dairy to see if it helped with Evie's "colic". Well, this time I'm really going to make an effort. Starting today, no caffine or coffee (including decaf) and none of the major dairy foods (cheese, milk, etc). I just don't know if I can do the entire food group, with all the label checking. There is dairy in everything. I also seriously considered the Total Elimination Diet, but I think I'll start with this and see how it goes... wish us luck.

2. On the same theme, I am taking Evie to see a chiropractor this morning. This has long been suggested to me, but since I've never been to one myself, I've been a little apprehensive. Let's pray it gives the little Blueberry some relief!

3. Last week, my phone nearly completely stopped working.. stopped receiving texts and wouldn't show missed calls, so if I actually MISSED a call, I had no idea. Not a great thing when you're home alone with a wee one and don't have a land line. But now I'm in limbo, waiting another 2 weeks for my stupid contract to be up so I don't have to pay 5 jillion dollars for a phone. Gaaaaahhhhhhhh.

4. Are you watching The Bachelor? What am I saying, of course you are. I really like Emily. But for some reason I don't think he's going to pick her, because of the way they're editing it. You know how they like to try and trick us. Dumb. And Hotter Than Crap Brad Womak? By far the best Bachelor they've had in a long time, even if it is his second time around.

5. In other reality news, Bethany Getting Married is on!! YAY! I pretty much enjoy all of the Real Housewives and their unbelievable drama. Hubby hates it. But I love Bethany's one liners and now feel a kinship to her, since her little girl looks just like her daddy, too. :)

6. I really need to schedule some family photos. This seems like such a task to me, since I like to take pictures of Evie myself. However, I'm pretty sure I have like 3 pictures of Evie and I together. Asking hubs to take our photo would be like asking him to saw off his arm with a butter knife. So as you can imagine, we have even fewer pictures of the three of us all together. Also, aren't they expensive???

7. My brother and sister-in-law just moved into a new house!! I'm so excited for them. They live in Southern California, and I'm pretty sure paid more to rent their tiny one bedroom apartment than we pay on our monthly mortgage. The new place looks beautiful and we can't wait to go out and visit!!

8. I'm dying to go to the beach. Somewhere hot and sticky with a gorgeous ocean view. We've been lucky enough to take a trip each year on or around our anniversary, which is in May. But somehow I just don't think that's in the cards for us this year.. Sigh.

9. Spring Break is like, next week, right?? This means nothing to me.

10. We have oh, about 26 weddings to attend this spring and summer, and suddenly I'm feeling like it's my junior year of college all over again. The only major difference this time around is that I'm not in a single one of them. Cue the hallelujah chorus!


  1. I hope the new diet works for Evie. You definitely earn the title of supermom!!! I have heard about chiropractors helping. I hope it goes well. I am also loving Emily, but if he doesn't pick her, let's just say America will hate him more than for not picking DDahna. Myself included. Though, he could probably win me back over with his abs :).

  2. Another blog I read the mom is doing the Total Elimination Diet and it sounds brutal!! Hopefully you won't have to go that drastic. I hear you on the anniversary. Alex was born the day before our 8th anniversary...soooo....'goodbye' anniversary trips for the 20 years and 'hello' children's birthday parties. Somehow talking about going to Maui for our 10-year a month later than our actual anniversary doesn't have the same appeal.

    Oh, and PS, your Spring Break comment has me laughing out loud.....and wishing I was in Panama City Beach gettin' down to the Thong Song. Ah, good times.


  3. Good luck with the new diet - I hope it helps little Evie! As for #9 - ug so true! Spring Break, Christmas Break, Summer Break - you are all dead to me :(

  4. you will have tell us how the diet goes:) and hope it helps little E--as well as the chiropractor:) we just got back from the beach, and it was total heaven! bring on the spring!


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