Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Morning Thoughts

1. I LOVE avocados. Like, in a major way. Must eat some every day. I'm afraid it's starting to border on inappropriate.. Are you with me??

2. My baby girl had to get her 4 month shots yesterday. :(

3. April is not even here yet and somehow it's suddenly exploded with events. My social calendar is officially FULL. I haven't felt this popular since my friend Annie scribbled my phone number on the inside of the boys bathroom stall my sophomore year of college.

4. I have a feeling the question on all of your minds is whether or not I am wasting away and skinnier than crap now that I'm no longer eating dairy. Ha. Ha ha. The answer is a resounding NO. See thought number one.

5. In related news, I am DYING for some pizza. Big surprise.

6. SLEEP.. we have issues. Not as bad as some, but all the same.. issues. Like (1) my girl takes 30 minute naps and (2) she's still waking up 3-4 times a night and (3) she cannot fall asleep on her own. In any way, shape or form. Ugh. ISSUES. Please send your thoughts, suggestions, prayers and reinforcements. Sometimes I wonder if we don't actually have it all that bad, but all these books and "experts" and whatever are telling me to worry about it, so here I am, worrying about it. I'm getting a little obsessed and that's never good. Also, feel free to tell me you still rock your 2 year old to sleep every night to make me feel better. Thanks.

At one time she slept more often.. tiny little baby.

7. I have finally begun work on an actual project for our house! I'm painting my old hope chest to make it functional and useful around here. (Did you have a Hope Chest?? My mom says it was more like I was hoping for a chest.. hehe). It's been since I've tackled anything. Hopefully I'll get lots of work done this weekend.. rather than spreading it out for the next month.

Okay, I'm stopping at 7. My prerogative.
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. You had me at avocados.

    Off to read the rest of your post.....

  2. Easy answer first...I so totally have a hope chest. My grandma bought it for me when I was, like, 12 or something. However, she had horrible taste, so it is so uuuuugggg-ly. So, it is nicely nestled in my closet as we speak...or type. And I finally even put my wedding dress and veil in it about 7 years after I got married. It was time to trade up from the Rubbermaid bin that was it's former home. What can I say? We live in Houston, and the dog food needed the air-tightness over the beautiful silken gown.

    Ugh. Sleeping. So here is the good and the bad. The bad? Yeah, all of it. The fact it is so unpredictable, so confusing as to why it is still going and, let's face it, frustrating!!! You don't WANT to get frustrated, but you so do!

    OK, so my kiddo was sleeping in our room until 5 months (in a PNP) b/c we live in a 3 story townhome with our room on the 1st floor and his on the 3rd. Add in my laziness and there you go. When we finally put him in his crib he still wasn't sleeping through the night (and, like, "real" sleeping through the night...not the "technically 5 hours is sleeping through the night" crap. Let's get real, here).

    So, things that worked for us? Alex was formula fed at that point (and of course we know breastfed babies digest food so much easier; thus become hungrier, so that would make sense) but he wasn't a big middle-of-the-night-feeder. However, I may regret this, but once he could reach out and grab the binkie, it was awesome. Even if that means 82 binkies in his crib. I regret nothing.

    Another thing that was magic, was a noise maker/sound machine I got from my mother-in-law. And by 'got' I really mean 'horked from her house one visit'. It makes rainy type noises that are hypnotic and sparkly wonderful. And, the louder the better. It was $20 from Bed, Bath and Beyond and he loves it. He still has it and I rue the day we have to get rid of it. Evie is still so young that she may not take to a lovie or musical stuffed animal for them to be too effective.

    So now for the good is going to pass. It will. We have all been there and I so feel your pain. Your pain, and your inability to put together a sentence that makes logical sense because you haven't slept in months, but rather had months of "a few back-to-back 2 hour naps". It is rough. But it passes. And not in a "oh sure it passes, it has to" but even the memory of how bad it sucked passes. And when Evie is, well, Evie and almost 2 and saying "Wub Mommy" (cause that is what Alex is saying)...dude......not.even.right.with.cuteness.

    So now I sound like a freak. I sound like a freak who's (almost two year old) just decided about a month ago that he didn't want me to rock him to sleep anymore. Cause I so did....cause I wub'ed it.

    Hope this helps! Or, at least, makes you feel a little less, well, anything that you are feeling!


  3. Throw those books away! Don't worry, this is all completely normal for Evie. Every baby is different, and she will outgrow most of this. I say 'most' because Jude is still not a sleeper:). Rhett didn't start sleeping through the night until he was 10 months. Hang in there, she is perfect! This will all be a hazy memory before you know it.

  4. I think kids all are different in when & how they sleep_ eventually they DO sleep through the night- hang in there- In case you care, I did have a very weird sort of hope chest - the chest itself was ordinary- cedar lined wood that I refinished to get rid of damage that previous owner(s) had inflicted.- Who'd store paint & paint thinner cans on a nice chest? The weird part was I bought it when my Ex & I split up & I moved back in w/ my parents ( & paid thier mortgage) I collected all sorts of nice small kitchen ware. Decent knives, nice dish towels, baking sheets, ect _ All the little things I'd wished I'd had when the ex & I were together. I finally married my present hubby, got away from the folks house& really enjoyed having this stuff all ready to use. I really like your blog by the way-Dee

  5. I still rock McCord to sleep and hes 15 mths.
    He wakes up almost every other night about 2 or 3 rock him back to sleep or put him in bed with me. I tried the cry it out stuff a few different times and we just couldn't follow through. It seems like just when you / they get in a routine it then changes. "this too shall pass" at least that's what I keep telling myself. So I'm trying to soak it ALL up even the not so fun sleepy stuff.


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