Monday, February 28, 2011

Tiny Dancer {Three Months}

Look who's 3 months old already!!!

Our little munchkin has been so much fun lately.. she has the sweetest little personality.
She's happiest and most talkative right after she wakes up.

I just can't get enough- she has so much to say and will talk and coo back and forth with me for a long time!
We've been specifically working on "Mama".. why not, right? :)

And her faces.. this little Evie Girl has a million!

Love it.

We've been working on tummy time.. not her favorite, though her neck is very strong!

I think she'll be sitting up on her own very soon!

My sweet little girl finding her toes..

We love you Evie Girl!


  1. She is SO precious!! I can't believe she is already 3 months old. Her facial expressions are the best. :)

  2. I was cracking up at her expressions!!! she is sooooooo cute

  3. Agree to disagree. This post should not be "Look who's three months old already" but rather "O-to-the-M-to-the-G, Look how unbelievably adorable that sweet smile is!", yeah, you should re-post this right away.

    She is just beyond adorable. And you can tell even over the interweb, all the way here in Houston, she is such a sweet, precious little joy!!


  4. Awe, she is so sweet!

    Do you have a bumbo? She looks almost ready for one!

  5. how are our babes growing up so fast!! she is so stinkin cute! love all these picts, and the cute onsie!


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