Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Morning Thoughts

1. February is almost over.. February is almost OVER!!!!!!

2. Pumping in the conference room at work is equal parts exhilerating, shameful and just plain weird. All I need to do is schedule a conference all at the same time to really bump it up to that next level.

3. Evie girl finally took two bottles in a row yesterday! WAHOOOO!!!

4. I am trying to decide on a new rug from Pottery Barn. I have some major credits to spend and want a rug for our front living room that I will soon transform into an office/playroom type space. SOON is all relative. Also? Not loving PB's rug choices at the moment. Can we bring back the last few seasons, please??

5. Spring is finally, definitely in the air around here, and it's doing wonders for me!! What is it about the weather that affects my mood so much? I am all energized to get started on about 15 projects around the house, clean everything and get outside!

6. I am soooo behind on my blog reading. Like majorly behind. Like it's the ever-growing pile of laundry that you just want to shut the door on and ignore rather than facing. I need to catch up!

7. National Margarita Day was some time this week. Did you celebrate accordingly? I did not, and am really feeling like I let down America.

8. Just remembered that I missed Modern Family on Wednesday and need to catch it on Hulu. Best.Show.Ever.

9. So far, I am enjoying being back at work and talking to adults and frankly, just getting out of the house. Thankfully, I only go in two days a week, so you can't beat that!

10. A few of you have asked about Evie's nursery.. yes, yes, I fully intend to do a full reveal!! We just recently got the shelves (thanks D&A!), so I need to get those hung. Stay tuned!

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