Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White Out

Well, for once the local meteorologists had it right. We did, in fact, wake up to a blizzard
yesterday morning.. and we definitely got the full 14 inches of snow they predicted! Score one for the Weather Girl. Al Gore, however, is losing miserably...

This isn't actually Evie's first snow, but I was too lazy to get a picture of the quick dusting we got a few weeks ago, and besides, this is REAL snow. I mean, you could seriously catch some wind if you tried to sled down a few of the snow drifts around our house.

So like any good mother, I dressed up my baby in a cute little snuggly bear outfit and sent her out into 5 degree weather for a photo opt with dad. I was too disheveled and still in my pajamas to be included. Plus, asking hubby to take a few pictures after asking him to be in a few pics is one favor too many when a camera is involved. I think I chose wisely.

She actually looks like she's loving it!

My dog, on the other hand, was experiencing his worst nightmare. When we first got up yesterday morning, he refused to go out the doggy door, so I literally had to toss him out the back door so that he would use the bathroom. An hour or so later and all puppy dog tracks and yellow snow are covered in another foot of snow. So we knew it would be a challenge to get him to go again. Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh. Not happening. Hubby even shoveled off the back patio and he still refused. Prickly fella. Finally around 7pm last night, after we had just given up, I heard a rustle at the doggie door and saw him poking his nose through to come back inside. He had
gone out! And we didn't even notice!

I also decided that a snow day was a great day to get back into the project swing of things.
So I started knitting a little dress for Evie!

We're looking forward to another snow day today, and are soooo excited that hubby gets to stay home with us again! I just wish Evie was a little bit older so we could go out and make snow angels and go sledding!

Next up: shoveling the driveway while the hubs is on Daddy Duty. ;)


  1. i am on a shoveling break....yeah...i may be stuck in here until march. actually typing with my gloves now. i think you might have a snow baby on your hands!!!

  2. she loved being outside with her big strong daddy!


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