Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard Tales

Just a few things running through my mind on Day 3 of BLIZZARD TWENTY ELEVEN:

1. A 9 week old baby + 14 inches of snow = this lady ain't been out of the house since Sunday. Except to shovel some snow. Would you believe me if I said I hadn't showered since then, either????????????? I KID!

2. Yesterday I discovered that Cox On Demand has a Fitness channel with free workouts! Aerobics, dance videos, yoga and pilates! I am so excited!! But do you think I've done a single one since my discovery??? NOPE. Also, despite this little discovery, Cox is still dead to me. Hate, hate them and their monopoly on my cable channels.

3. During my shoveling shift today, I spotted a (not-so) sneaky little bird hop into our garage. GRREEAAATT. I went to investigate and try and shoo him out, to no avail. I went back to shoveling and when I spotted him again, decided I needed to get serious and get him out of dodge. That's when I discovered his little unfortunate friend... Yep. His DEAD bff lay frozen next to the lawnmower. I guess the live one is nothing if not loyal. So as you can imagine, I shut the garage door and went inside for some hot chocolate. Dead birds falls squarely onto the Hubby's responsibility list. It was in our vows.

4. The meteorweatherpeople are telling me that we might get more snow tonight and tomorrow. Hip. Hip. Hooray.

5. My dad and step-mom are suposed to be coming down for a visit this weekend.. not sure now if that's going to happen now, since the roads are still pretty bad. :(

The End.


  1. ah this dang winter! when will it ever end! hang in there girly~ hope the spring comes asap!

  2. REALLY... removing dead your vows.....sounds good to me!!!!


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