Monday, October 8, 2012

today is a good day.

Yesterday was a little rough for me. I'm not really sure why.. I definitely had some heavy things on my heart. We have some big decisions ahead of us and a busy season of life coming up. I don't know, maybe the weight of it all was making an impact, but I cried no less than 4 times yesterday. Seriously. For basically no reason I could explain.

It's so fun being a woman sometimes.

But today? Today is good. Evie is spending the day with her Grammy so that I can get a bunch of stuff taken care of around here. My sewing machine and I have been BFF all morning. Music is filling the house along with the yummy smell of dinner cooking in the crock pot. I am breaking for a quick bowl of homemade tomato soup and there's no guarantee that I'll shower or actually get dressed for the day. But that's fine with me.

So what am I sewing?

1. Evie's Halloween outfit. She'll be an owl and I'm making the whole thing. Cue the cuteness because, folks, I am impressing even myself with this one. :) Hopefully it turns out the way I hope!

2. A slew of pillows for the VMD Holiday Affair.

3. A ruffle Christmas tree skirt for the event. I have everything cut out but am contemplating using my glue gun instead of ruffling, pining and sewing. Yeah... definitely going glue on this one.

I also need to decoupage some pumpkins for a work post and hope to cut out some Christmas stockings for the event. Oh, and laundry. Don't forget the laundry.

It's all craftastic in here! All of these holiday projects get me so excited for the season. 

What are you up to today?


  1. Dying to see her owl costume! I can only imagine how cute it will be!!!!

  2. doing a ton of laundry here! oh and fun stuff like balancing the checkbook and paying bills! your day def sounds like more fun! enjoy your time.

  3. Those pillows are fun & colorful! Don't you just love days like this, feels like one can accplishish so much... Even if you don't get a shower!! .. & the crock pot dinner , man .. Hubby will live it!

  4. "Christmas tree skirt"! I don't know what that is....unless that is the same as the random yardage of fabric I use/crumple up under my tree.....then I would know what that is.

    I must ask, the pillow in the pic that is on the bottom left (linen with blue, red yellowy-gold flowers); where did you get that fabric? I swear it looks exactly like my winter bedding from Pottery Barn & I would love to have some other fabric accents around my room. Just curious. Unless, it is a trade secret...then I promise not to tell. :)


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