Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project 52:43 {coming home}

thankful for...
coming home

Blurry but beyond precious pics of Daddy arriving home from work.

There is something so sweet about coming home. Whether it's been just an hour or a number of days. 

When we got back in town from Chicago, Evie was napping. When she finally woke up, we both went in to her room to get her. She saw us in the doorway of her dark room and gasped "It's mommy!? There's daddy!" And then she let out a huge giggle and stomped her feet. It was beyond precious and melted our hearts. 

We make a point to say 'mommy and daddy always come back' and 'mommy will be back soon!' when we leave. I really think it's helped her feel confident and sure that we will always come back, as she frequently repeats those phrases throughout the day or when we're gone. I think we would both be content to never leave her, but then.. coming home wouldn't be quite so sweet.

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