Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend in Chicago

This weekend we had a little getaway to Chicago with some friends. We had originally planned to take our kids, but changed our minds right before booking the tickets and hotel. We missed those babes, but it was so nice not thinking about nap times and hauling strollers through the airport!

Basically all we did this weekend was walk, shop, eat & drink. It was perfect. We stayed at the Intercontinental right on Michigan Avenue (which I highly recommend) and it was such a pretty time of year to visit. I didn't lug my huge camera with me, which meant I kept forgetting to take any pictures with my phone altogether. 

A few trip highlights:

Celeb sighting #1: Bill Rancic and baby Duke walking on Michigan Avenue. I sooo wish I had gotten a pic! I LOVE the Bill & Guiliana show. He looked thinner than I thought and no sight of G, but it was still pretty cool.

Shopping! It's so fun when you're actually in the mind-set to buy things.. rather than just thinking about whether or not you need it, how much, etc.

Taking a much-needed shopping break to sit alone in a nail shop, enjoying a coffee, pedicure and that blessed massage chair.

Having a heated discussion Friday night over what time to make dinner reservations on Saturday night... let's just say the blondes were all for the early-bird special and the brunettes were voting for a late dinner. This led to all sorts of marriage counseling-type conversations, where more and more lines were drawn in the sand between the blondes and the brunettes. Hilarious.

Finally getting to stop into a HomeGoods. This is definitely my happy place! We SO need one around here!

Heading to a crowded bar after dinner, only to feel like the some of the oldest people there. Yes, this is a highlight, because in no way do I want to be single or 22 ever again.

The taxi to the airport. One of our group was hung-over and literally moaning in the front seat. We were dying, trying not to laugh and praying the driver wouldn't kick us out. 

Watching the lady in front of us at the airport, checking in her bag. It was 10lbs over the limit, so they asked her to take some stuff out to avoid the fine. Which she did... only to shove it all back in when the worker wasn't looking! Ballsy!

Celeb sighting #2: Helen Hunt at Chicago O'Hare. Hubby saw her walk by and I didn't quite believe it at first, when I saw the back of her walking away. It didn't look like her at all! So we did a little recon and sure enough- it was her! She looked so skinny. 

Coming home to see our girl! We're already planning our next couples getaway. These trips have been much-needed and so much fun.

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