Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Earring Overboard

Last night, after a lovely evening with the girls, I had what most women might term a traumatic turn of events.

As soon as I walked in the door, I made a bee-line for the restroom, yelling out a greeting to my husband and dog on the way. I lifted up the toilet lid and at precisely that moment, the silver chandelier earring dangling so fetchingly in my right ear JUMPED from my lobe and did a swan dive into the center of the toilet and disappeared. Had I not been so horrified, I would have given the little sucker a perfect 10 for form and execution.

Naturally, I immediately cringed and let out a disgusted yelp of dismay. It's also entirely possible that an un-ladylike word escaped my lips.

To my husband's credit, he came running and after a quick recap, said he would handle it. My dog and I stepped behind the yellow tape to watch and I hopped around doing the potty dance as he donned a rubber dish washing glove and got to work.

Oh gag me.

I don't know if could survive in a world without the porcelain throne, but dear Lord they skeeve me out. After a few anguishing minutes and the help of a wire hanger, the wayward earring was recovered. I dumped it into a paper bowl and doused it with soap and hot water, then gave it a rigorous rub down with a Lysol disinfectant wipe. And now it sits on a paper towel in my bathroom, exactly where I left it to dry.

So now to the most important part of this story... what do I do with it??

I had a good long heart-to-heart with myself, weighing the pros and cons of the fate of this dumb little earring. I believe my first instinct was to throw it away. The problem is, I just bought these earrings last week, and last night was only the second time I had worn them. Plus, I LOVE them. They are the perfect little shape with hammered silver detailing. And they go so well with my summer tan! Sigh.

The practical side of me is thinking, wash it, wash it again, disinfect, rinse and repeat. Who will ever know? Only my hubby, who in all likelyhood, won't even remember what they look like by tomorrow.

After much self-examination, I have decided to chuck the jumper. After this post, I know there is no way I could keep it and risk running into one of you on the street and seeing you hightail it the other way, like I was George Costanza's dad and the earring was the man in the cape.

Plus, they were only $5.99 at Target, so I see buying another pair as my part in boosting the economy.


  1. You are a better person than I. I have dropped multiple phones into the toilet. All have been used again. Gross. I know. But, I was in the middle of a plan and Tommy would have KILLED me if I had to buy one full price. But, I applaud your economic stimulus plan ☺.

  2. Aja! Don't you know that toilets are usually cleaner than your kitchen sink??? hahahaha I can just see this all going down, though!

  3. Hmmm. Me, I come from Da Old Country (Which would be Derby, Kansas). I woulda grabbed that earing out of the toilet WITH MY BARE HANDS!!! I woulda. I rescued a quarter that way once, years ago, and I am still alive. I am still $.25 richer to this day because of it.
    Wear the'll be fine, I promise! Oh, and, take a picture of it in your ear!


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