Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tops and Bottoms and Balls, Oh My!

For quite some time now, my husband and a bunch of friends have been playing in a men's softball league. Last night marked the beginning of summer ball.

** You'll have to forgive me and my lack of softball termage.. I am quite certain it's not called "summer ball" but the only other thing I could come up with was "summer session" and that sounded all kinds of wrong.

The league they're signed up with has fields that are way across town and each week they play two games and usually have an hour break in between.

Translation: a very looooong night for moi.

Since it's across town, we always drive together and will continue to do so until gas hits the $0.99/gallon price tag of my youth. So there's no waiting until the last minute and making it just in time to see the first pitch for this gal.
No sireeee. My husband clearly has not learned the virtues of "Mexican time" and we are generally the first people to show up.

Now, I enjoy supporting hubby and it is nice to get out of the house on a school night, but I keep trying to remember where exactly I signed up for this in our marriage contract. I mean, it is HOT out there. And there are bugs and rednecks and the closest facility is a port-o-john. (Also known as a port-o-potty, for those of you from the North).
No way, Jose.

Last night, however, as we made the seemingly 13 hour drive to the fields, I noticed a little something that stayed on my mind throughout the exciting ball games and the bewitching hour in between. We passed a store called Tops & Bottoms.

That's it. No messing around, no funny business, straight to the point.

Tops & Bottoms.

Now people, this is marketing at it's finest. You can have no doubt about what's offered inside this warehouse-like building. Looking for shoes? Move along. Need a belt or a hat? Nah, not gonna find it here. We sell Tops & Bottoms. Period.

It is important to note that this little gem of a part of town is a far cry from the areas we generally frequent. Oh, yes, they have their QuikTrips, but that is about the only thing other than stoplights that unite us.

Oh yeah. And a love of softball.

So on our way home, I excitedly stared out my window, hoping for another glimpse of this magical place where you can find either a top or a bottom. Or both.

I pulled out my camera and started rolling down my window when I saw it. I thrust my arm out into the dark night and tried to get it to focus on the mammoth white sign as we swerved around through questionable traffic.

*CLICK* Got one!

That's when I looked around at the other cars and passengers on the road and started to realize that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to be sticking a shiny metal object out our darkly tinted windows in what anyone in their right mind would call The Hood.

But I like to live on the edge. It's how I roll.

Shopping trip, anyone??

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