Monday, June 8, 2009

"Future Mother" Controversy

Okay kids, apparently there has been some confusion regarding a specific reference to myself in my very first blog.

Sheesh, off to a great start!

Let the record show that I am not pregnant. I am not with child. No bun in the oven. I am not in a family way, nor am I eating for two (okay, that one's debatable).

I only meant in the FUTURE, as I am looking forward to being a mother.

If you all are lucky, you might catch me in the height of my baby fever, which would naturally spill over to a blog about all things baby, including nursery colors, breast pumps, swaddling techniques and the best ways to coerce your husband into changing all the questionable diapers.

You lucky dogs.

So I hope this clears things up. Of course, when the stork eventually does visit our house, you all will be the first to hear! Because as you probably know by now, we're destined/doomed to have twins or triplets, and Lord help us if they're all girls... But either way, mama will need a break and you will all be on speed dial to babysit!!

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