Monday, June 15, 2009

It's your (curtain) call

Around our house, most of the decorating falls in my lap. Since I care very much what our home looks like and the vibe it puts out, this is fine by me.

Now, that does not mean that my husband doesn’t have decorating opinions- he definitely does. Every once in a while I’ll set out a new centerpiece, pull the rug a few inches to the left or mix up the mantle d├ęcor and he’ll shoot me one of those scrunched up, sourpuss faces he usually reserves to give when he’s hungry and I suggest he eat an apple.

Hey, we could all use a little more fiber in our life, right?

Fruit aside, I have been on a home decorating kick over the past few weeks. Since my pockets aren’t lined in gold and my last surviving credit card is squirreled away in the deep freeze, this basically means I have been scouring HGTV’s Rate My Space and home decorating blogs for inspiration and clipping Hobby Lobby coupons for cheap project materials. So most of the actual updates have thus far happened in my head. And I’ve had two paint fume headaches already to prove it.

But last week I did make a new curtain for the window over my kitchen sink.

Here is the old curtain, which I made sometime last winter.

Looks fine. Not my ultimate style, but much better than the gauzy see-through number the last owners left us. This time I wanted a different shape and to bring a little more color to the kitchen, tying in some of the blue we have in the adjoining family room.

New Material:

So after lots of trial and error and an afternoon of quality time with my sewing machine, here is what I came up with:

I won’t bore you with the shocking details of my project, just suffice it to say that anyone with REAL sewing skills should stay away from the outside of our kitchen window. I may or may not have used scrap pieces of yarn to make it fold and hang just so and there may or may not be strategically placed plastic bags involved.

Anyhoo, when hubby got home to see me just finishing up, he chuckled at how “crafty” I am. Secretly, I know he loves it that I attempt to be all things domestic and that this is third on the list of why he married me- after my surefire future ability to give him tan children and my crossword capabilities.

This is also when he decided to let me know that he likes this window treatment MUCH better than the last ugly thing that was hanging there.


Okay, so not his exact words, but you get the gist.

Thinking back to when I made the first one, I know I asked him if he liked it. And he said yes.


But mama didn't marry no fool. Since I had created the darn thing with my very own hands, it's not like he could say "No, it looks like something my great-aunt Mildred would have, let's take it back." That would not have gone over well at all.

So now I'm looking around the house wondering what else around here doesn't quite make the cut.


I don't think I'm going to lose too much sleep over it, though. The way I figure it, if I can just continue to make all the window treatments myself, paint all the walls, fashion my own nicknacks, take up candle-making and ceramics and start writing my own coffee table books, he won't be able to scrunch up his face about any of it! Ha!

Guess I better get started.


  1. Very lovely curtain, I am most impressed... although not the least bit surprised!

  2. Super impressed! And, we all need a little more fiber in our lives.

  3. you know I'm all about the fiber.... and of rhe curtain is lovely


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