Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Aftermath

I love love Christmas, but boy the week after everything is over sure feels like a sucker punch. Like the wind is just knooooooocked out of you and you wake up on the kitchen floor with an annoying headache and that bloaty pms feeling, looking around your house, wondering who let in that dumb cartoon Tasmanian devil and what he's done with your dog.

No? Just me??


We had a Holly Jolly Christmas, to say the least. Festivities and cheer and goodness and OH MY the food! Santa and all his helpers were good to us, as we were very very nice this year. I scored my coveted 80's Glam Sharpies and Evie can now play with her own potty and all is right with the world.
Sharpies + Rock Star Planner = Happy Dance.

I randomly found these fun gifts for the girls in my office. Totally wish I had bought one for myself and waaay better than slaving away in the kitchen, making sub-par baked goods.
My mood of choice.
Peckish. Somewhat hungry.


Our office, by the way, is a complete ghost town this week. Seriously, NO ONE is here. Except me. And Pandora. And so we're making the best of it.

This one got to wear her Christmas jammies two weekends in a row, thanks to our celebrations spanning the last two weeks. No complaints here, as she looks particularly fetching in red. Fat Santas not necessary, but welcomed.

And finally, as much as hubby and I are daily annoyed and frustrated with our dog, Evie seems to love him. She likes to sneak up and goose him and crack up when he jumps.. grab his bone and wander around with it while I yell "yuck yuck, put it down!"... and last night she wanted to get right in bed with him. He tolerates her and gets in a lick when I'm not looking. Yuck yuck. But this was undeniably adorable.

Hoping to post a few Christmas pictures before the New Year. Fingers crossed!



  1. Adorable post! and the video in the previous post was just precious.


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