Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

A quick rundown of our Christmas festivities this year.. I'm bummed because I hardly took any family or group pictures! Imagine that.

We spread out the cheer this year by heading up to see my family the weekend before Christmas. Christmas on a Sunday really threw a loop in the planning! But it all worked out and my brother and sister-in-law were able to come from California for a full week and saved on flights. We had a blast all holed up at my Dad and Step-mom's new house and Evie loved seeing everyone!

The weather was nice enough on Saturday that we decided to hit up the zoo! Great idea and as you can imagine, it was extremely unbusy!

My camera settings weren't great on a lot of these. Sorry!

Evie showing off her sign language for "more"

Our zoo has a great chimp and monkey habitat. I always remembered it from when I was little and it's even better now. And there were two or three babies to see while we were there, which was fun.


Fun Fact: this big guy above was laying on his belly, with his face near the glass when we came in. He then proceeded to THROW UP right in front of everyone and then EAT IT. Seriously. So gross.


 * * * * *

Evie wore her Christmas jammies for Sunday Christmas at my parents'.. there's just something about festive holiday pj's to me. I love it. And her, of course. And her faces.

This is her Mad Scientist look. It's all in the hair, baby.

As the only child, and arguably the cutest attendee, it's safe to say Evie got a lot of attention. Here she is sitting in the middle of the room, all eyes on her, opening her gaggle of gifts and basking in the attentive glow.

And this was just my favorite moment of the day:

Nothing like walking into the kitchen to discover your SIL, crouched down, digging around in the liquor cabinet and pouring herself a hot toddy right on the floor. :) I think she's feeling more and more comfortable around our family all the time! HA!

 * * * * *

We spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws and my sister joined us for the craziness. All my pictures were of Evie and pretty reddish, so nothing to show for it here! Gah, must work on that. Add it to my Resolutions List, right??

We did manage to get a family pic of the three of us. :) Our sweet little family.

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!!

Christmas Day 2011


  1. Dying at the gorilla story! G-Ross!!!! She is just so cute!

  2. Love her face in the 1st Jammie's pic - precious!!

  3. Ha, the gorilla, hilarious! What a fun holiday girly, e is to cute in her pjs!


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