Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Morning Thoughts

Morning lovelies!

1. Sorry I've been MIA this week on the blog.. I'm SO behind on my blog reading too! I find it hilarious that this "problem" didn't even exist for me a few years ago. You know- falling behind on my blog reads! We've been busy this week at Casa de Strange y Lovely.. and I'm trying to focus on doing things other than just sit in front of a computer and type at the interwebs. And yet... here I am. :)

2. Sound the alarm, SANTA reads my blog!! We're now the proud owners of a Shark Steam Mop and life is grand.

3. I finally ordered our Christmas cards! YESTERDAY. I really don't think it's in me to get on the hopper early or even on time with Christmas cards. Just can't do it. But supposedly they'll be here around Dec. 21, so we all know what I'll be doing that evening.

4. Hubby got sick on Wednesday. Ate something questionable (that I also ate) and stayed home from work. :( On the upside, this bought me 2 precious hours to run out and start Christmas shopping while everyone else in the house napped!
P.S. I took same said questionable food item for lunch yesterday and haven't wavered yet. Stomach of an ox. Only not really, so this is weird.

5. Cooke Swap was a success!! I came, I baked and I conquered. I decided on these S'mores Cookies and they were a smash hit. I took my friend Sarah with me and it was so much fun! A little wine and a few wild card guests = a fun soiree in my book! :) Definitely on my annual to-do list!

My cookies as they baked & some of the loot I came home with!

6.My little smartie pants is now asking for "help" when she can't reach something or sees yet another stray toy under a chair, bookshelf or the tv cabinet. "Hepp, hepp" she says. Sister likes to pop her p's.

7. I like to drink my coffee the old fashioned way. You know- from a regular old coffee maker at home, drowning in flavored creamer. And right now my favorite is Peppermint Mocha. I need to go snag a few before they stop putting them out for the season.

8. I just watched my girl toddle down the hallway, heading for her room go read books. Makes my heart hurt just a little.

9. Yes, I have Blog Header ADD. No promises that this one will stick around for any specific length of time.

10. Don't miss the Target coupon going on now! Another $10 card when you spend $50, through tomorrow. Don't act like you don't need something at Target.

Have a great weekend! We'll be wrapping presents and searching for some great Christmas light displays.


  1. Love the new header and I must make those cookies!!!! Delish!!! You are cracking me up on the food. I heard from someone who knew someone who got sick at the sushi restaurant by our house and now can't bring myself to eat there even though it was pretty good! I may need to send you over to check it out! ;)

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Erin Condren deal...ordered mine last night! Maybe it will change my life:).

    Two things...1) the s'mores cookies were delish, dallas ate all of mine tonight, and 2) all I can think of is Corn dog (aka Karen M.) when you say..."Sister likes to pop her p's". Whatever happened to that girl?

  3. Love peppermint Mocha myself..guess you knew that! And I'm just sayin sister takes after my daughter in the smart pants department.. just sayin!!!


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