Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mommy Question {Brusha Brusha Brusha}

Evie has 6 teeth. She's had these same six teeth for a while now.. She seems to be teething and chewing on her finger on the right side a lot lately, but I haven't seen any more pop through yet. 

I've given her a baby toothbrush to "brush" her teeth each night when we're getting ready for bed.. mainly to get her used to the feel of it and let her chew on it. But I haven't actually added real teeth brushing to our routine yet. At her 1 year appointment, our pediatrician asked about what we were doing and gave us a little packet from a local pediatric dentist with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a little info sheet. The toothpaste is Crest for Kids. With fluoride. 

That's bad, right?? Fluoride?

I'm not all organic anything, really, but with Evie, I have tried to be conscious of what products we use. And I'm pretty sure fluoride is no bueno for the little ones. Am I right?? Someone help me out here. 

I did a quick little search for some fluoride-free toothpaste for her, and came across Tom's of Maine. Anyone heard of it??

Okay, I recognize Orajel...

So if you have a little one, what kind of toothpaste do you use? We used the Crest once this weekend, and Evie got all excited and started sucking the toothbrush. I only put a tiny dab on there, and I knew she might do that, buuut not really what I was hoping for.

Any suggestions? Sister has started to rock some morning breath, so I know it's time to get our oral health in order. :)


  1. My son just turned 2. We've been brushing his teeth in the morning and at night for some time now. We just started using flouride Crest for Kids (because we ran out of the non-flouride and I haven't made it to the store yet), but only the tiniest dab of it. Tom's of Maine DOES have flouride, but Oragel is good (and there's another non-flouride, but I can't remember the name, however it's available at most stores and usually comes with a small finger brush). I think kids aren't supposed to get flouride before the age of 2 or 3, or at least until they can learn to spit. Good luck!

  2. I go along w/ Beckys suggestion!... The heath food store might be able to help as well!

  3. Totally agree with what you are doing!! I use Oragel with Alex 2-3 times a day (what can I say, the kid loves to brush his 'teef"). I once used actual toothpaste wanting to get his teeth a little brighter and the second I started he swallowed that stuff up like it was candy! I was instantly convinced the Bad Mother Police were going to bust and start beating me with socks filled with pennies or rocks a la prison style. And since I am super fancy, I get his toothpaste at the grocery store or CVS.


  4. Ask Daisi tomorrow - her fiancé is a pediatric dentist. I think fluoride is bad until a certain age. After awhile it must be ok because they put it in tap water - hence why our teeth look good and British teeth look bad.

  5. Rhett uses Gerber Grins and Giggles Toddler tooth and Gum cleanser. It is fluoride free. It is safe for babies over 3 months old to swallow. Jude switched over to children's aquafresh at 3 after his first dentist visit. Fluoride becomes beneficial at some point...just not sure when that is. I remember our school gave us fluoride treatments on Monday mornings at school for us to swish around...weird.

    If you want to go really natural or organic there are a few options in local stores. Burt's Bee's has a few different ones and Walgreens sells a Nature's gate brand that is fluoride free... or you could just rub some baking soda or something on there:).

  6. i am doing the same, but have wondered too--they love to suck and chew on them more than anything--ha:)

  7. I'm glad you posted this because I've been wondering the same thing! I found some fluoride free toothpaste at Walmart after reading this. Alex seems to like it & his morning breath is much better - ha!


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