Saturday, June 23, 2012

Evie Time {Splash Park Fun}

Last weekend we took Evie to the splash park for the first time. 
Big success.

 After a little initial timidness, she really got into it. 

So fun!

  1. Love that belly. 
We've noticed she only seems to grow these days in her belly and her hair. :)

I loved this place because she could just run around everywhere, watching other kids and having fun, without the worry of her falling into a great big pool. All she wants to do is "Run, run, run Evie!"

We'll be back soon!


  1. How cute! Her little hair and swimsuit is too cute! We finally got a splash park here but it's at the zoo & I am a little too chicken to take both kids in the 9 million degree heat. Oy veh, I'm sure I will buck up sooner or later!


  2. she's also growing in cuteness...I'm just sayin

  3. oh my! such cuteness--can't believe how big our lil babes are getting--killin me


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