Thursday, June 21, 2012

Project 52:25 {my dad}

thankful for...
my dad

I have a great dad.
I am so thankful for him for a lot of reasons. Here are just a few...

For teaching us responsibility and to work hard for what we have.
For instilling a love of music and creativity in us.
For staying up late, waiting for me to come home from dates in high school. And one night in particular- for telling me it was okay not to be in love, just because someone else was.
For teaching me how to mow the lawn, change my oil and check my tire pressure.
For working so hard to make sure I had the wedding I dreamed of.
For teaching us the importance of family.
For racing to get to town before his first grandchild was born- even getting pulled over in the process :)
For moving us across town when I was a kid to make sure we went to a safe, good school.
 For going to extraordinary lengths to help me move off campus my sophomore year.
For loving my husband and treating him like a son.
For being a man I can truly admire and respect.
For always letting us know he loves us.

I love you Dad!

* * * * *

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  1. What a great picture of you and your dad! He sounds like a wonderful man.

  2. What a super sweet post!! Dad's are just the best!



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