Friday, June 1, 2012

Project 52:22 {curiosity}

thankful for...

Hands down, her favorite thing to say these days is "is it?"

What is it? Who is it? Where is it?

I guess we're to blame, since we would always point to things and ask her what something was or what a certain animal said.. now she's turning the tables on us!

But I'm so glad she has a natural curiosity. I still like to learn new things, figure things out, hear new stories. I hope she always has a hunger to learn more about this beautiful, amazing world we live in and the One who created it.

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  1. Seriously, that romper? So so adorable! Cooper says "sat?". What's that? Where's that? Who's that? The half-English half-toddlerese chitter chatter at this age is absolutely my favorite thing so far and I'll be so sad when it's gone!

  2. i agree with to hear their version of "toddlerese! so fun!!


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