Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tiny Dancer {18 Months}

Evie Girl is a year and a half old!

Oh, this girl. She is a handful. :)

 We are so blessed. Evie is so full of joy and curiosity. And she is just so smart. (At least in my opinion.) It really blows me away sometimes.. it's very humbling and it's brought me to tears on more than one occasion. Precious girl.

Here's what you've been up to lately:
Smarty Pants. On Mother's Day, you decided to give me a sweet little present of your own- spelling your own name! We were pretty shocked, frankly. You spelled E-V-I-E all on your own on the way home from church. I was glad someone else was there to hear it! You've done it a few times since then, but typically you'll just do a few of the letters together at a time. It cracks me up when you do, because you use the exact same intonation that I do, drawing out the Eeeeeeee, veeeeee, eyeeeeee, E! It's pretty cute.

You've also been working on your numbers and counted up to 16 this weekend! We weren't really sure how you got that far (we typically stop at 10), but realized that Grandmommy counts as you climb the stairs at her house. You've been paying attention!

Swings. Hands down, your current favorite past time. We went ahead and bought you a swing to hang on our back deck/overhang and you LOVE it. Multiple times a day, you'll go to the back door and say "wing, wing, wing!" over and over. 

Strawberries. Your favorite fruit of the month. And the way you say it just kills me: Stah-beh-sees. :)


Shh shh shhhhh. You still love your babies and stuffed animals. Your favorites lately are Cleo the Cat, Roxy Rabbit and Baby Lisa. You do more loving on them lately and less throwing. Thank goodness! You will hold them up on your shoulder, pat their back and shhh shhh shhh as you rock back and forth. Makes me want to cry. You are a sweet little mama and love on your babies just like I held and loved on you when you were so teeny tiny.

Shows. Well, it's happened. As much as I fought it and held off, you have started watching some tv. But just a little! You somehow discovered Mickey Mouse and would go around talking about "mouse" all the time. It took us a while to figure out what you meant. So now you ask to watch Mickey Mouse Club all the livelong day. It is pretty cute how excited you get when he comes on, though. You've also watched Olivia, and like her, too.

Sweetie Pie. Since we went to KC a few weekends ago, you have been a bit more clingy. Nothing bad, but I've noticed you want to be held more and call out our names when you notice we're not in the same room. You have such a loving nature and I'm so happy you like to give out hugs and kisses and cuddles. Sometimes when we're in the car, you'll say "touch" and reach back your hand. You want me to reach back and hold your hand or stroke your face. :) Sweet girl.

 Potty Training. No, it hasn't happened quite yet, but we've been making some slight moves in that direction. You have been telling us more and more when you need a new diaper, but it's usually after the fact. I don't think it will be long! Mainly, I just need to bite the bullet and do it. :)

And finally, we've been working on being obedient and listening to mama and daddy. Like all kids, you have your moments of wanting to do or touch something that you're not supposed to.. or my all time favorite- throwing food on the floor. But we're working on it and I know you understand what we're asking you to do (or not do). It's hard not to laugh when I've told you not to do something and you walk away, shaking your head, saying "no, no, no, no no". Or you say "yissen, mama. Yissen, dada" which means Listen to your mama. :)

My sweet, precious Evangeline. Happy 18 months! 
I can't believe you are already so big. Your daddy and I decided we want you to stay little, so please stop growing right away. Listen to your mama! :)


  1. First, she's just adorable!!! And her smarts are off the charts!!! I see Harvard in her future! I bet she's so fun!

  2. oh my word. It just does NOT get any cuter than that!! She is such a smartie too! Amazing!

  3. How adorable!! She has so much personality that just shines through her pictures. I love the little stories you tell too. So sweet! Little ones always amaze me at how much they really do pick up and learn without us even noticing.

  4. I can't believe she is already 1 1/ flies by! She is so adorable! I am serious...she and Maddie are 2 petite peas in a pod!! Oh, and totally jealous that you can braid her hair...we are sporting a toupee on top and mullet in the back these days ha ha!


  5. Yay Evie girl!!! So proud of you and your auntie mo misses you so much!!

  6. Yay Evie girl!!! So proud of you and your auntie mo misses you so much!!


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