Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

This long weekend has been all about the pool. 
It's been nice and warm so we've taken full advantage, cooking out and hanging with friends. It's been great!

We have all noted, however, how very different a day at the pool is now that most of our friends have kids. Just a tad less relaxing, I would say. Mainly because this one is constantly on the go- in and out of the pool, running all around it, in and out of the house, up and down on the lounge chairs and on and on. Makes me tired just typing it. :)

So a little less lounging around, sunbathing and enjoying a cold beverage and more chasing an  Energizer Bunny active toddler who doesn't want to miss any of the action. But we all had a great time. 

How was your weekend?


  1. "Toddler" and "pool" bring out a terror in me that is completely & totally irrational. If I could somehow tape Alex up to a stick, and dangle him over the pool like a carrot teasing a donkey and convince him that was "swimming" I would in a second. So.scared.of.drowning. You don't even want to know about the scenarios I have had that involve the kid & the possibility of drowning in the toilet. I may be not quite right in the head.

    Evie looks adorable as always!!

  2. She looks like she had alot of fun there! I'm excited for pool season this year!


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