Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Monday

Every single holiday, I have great intentions of posting meaningful pictures and words..  

Oh, hello, Mother's Day!

Oh, well. I'm not going to beat myself up about it, because frankly, I'm not all that surprised that it didn't happen. but thankfully, I did enjoy the day, fully. From sleeping in and a surprise breakfast from Panera to church with my little family of three to chocolate raspberry cheesecake to painting projects during naptime to my daughter spelling her own name aloud.

Yeah. That's right. Wonder Baby here spelled E-V-I-E out loud on the drive home from church. We just looked at each other like, did you just hear that??? I think we may be in for it.

I just put a lasagna in the oven, and before you get all excited, just know that it came in a frozen red box stamped with Stouffers. And I'm okay with that. Excited, frankly. Their lasagna is freakin good.

On Saturday night I ran a 5k with my friend Nina, who does the Strolling Moms class with me. It was great! It was pretty weird doing a run like that at night.. they're usually in the morning. I really didn't know what to eat beforehand, so I made the weirdest shake concoction ever: baby spinach, peanut butter, greek yogurt and ice. OH! And a few splashes of QT's Pumpkin Spice Latte. I thought I needed a little caffeine in the mix. It was.. interesting. Stunk up the car, that's for sure. But honestly, I felt great during the run and we made good time.

I was surprised at how many kids were running! And not just the Fun Run, but the actual 5k. No way I could have run that far as a kid. On the last little hill up to the finish line, we passed this adorable 7 or 8 year old girl running with her dad. They were holding hands and he was talking to her, encouraging her, as they ran. Melt my heart! It was so precious.

Today I put out the SOS to other moms asking what kinds of outside toys and activities were good for toddlers. I'm seriously running out of ideas! Well, scratch that, I really don't have any at all, other than playing with the rocks in our landscaping, and that's losing it's shine. I need to get her one of those water tables. I think she would love it. And it's just so much nicer to spend time outside while the weather is nice. And you can only take so many walks/runs, am I right? We did head to the neighborhood pond to feed the over-zealous ducks this afternoon. I was a little scared at how close they came to Evie in the stroller. Those beaks!

Oh, so any ideas for me?? Seriously, please share.

I hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!  


  1. she is such a smart cookie that lil E! and a beauty to boot! you guys are in trouble!
    yay for your 5k! sounds fun and you felt great--that is awesome.

  2. We've been having the same problem with outdoor play! I bought Alex the Step2 Big Splash Water Park yesterday. I got it online at Toys R Us but picked it up in the store to save on shipping. Hopefully he'll enjoy playing with it! We got him a little watering can a few weeks ago & he loves to help us water the flowers (and the porch and the grass and the dog, etc etc). :)


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