Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evie Time {Swings}

This girl LOVES to swing!


Whenever we go to the park she makes a beeline for them and stays there the whole time.
And she typically throws a nice little fit when it's time to get out. :)


Such a sweet little joy.
I'm sure we'll be hitting up the swings all summer long!


  1. Kids swinging = the ultimate joy. So sweet!!

  2. What a cutie!! I couldn't get Alex on the swings for the longest time. He much prefers throwing sticks, finding trash or uncomfortably staring at the ghetto kids that like to smoke on their way home from school. It's good times. As for leaving? For the longest time, I had to weigh if the tantrum he would throw when we leave was worth the actual trip to PLAY at the park....cause sometimes it lasted way longer the playing part. Ah, motherhood. :)

    And for Evie spelling her own name?? Um, move over other MENSA baby!!


  3. she looks innocent to me, i can't imagine my girl throw a fit!! must be mistaken!!!!


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