Wednesday, June 13, 2012

this & that

First of all- thanks for all the great comments on my last post! I agree with the thought that we have many purposes in life, rather than just one big one that we can actually pinpoint. I'm not really expecting to find out some huge, amazing life purpose that will alter my life completely through this Bible Study or any other book. My purpose today, tomorrow and next week will probably look different from 5 or 10 years down the line.

I guess I just want to (try to) be sure that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing right now. In this moment, in this day, in this stage of life. And stopping to pray about it and contemplate it a bit is helping me stay focused on what's important. Because heaven knows I can get in over my head with too many projects and to-dos and let the really important stuff, like bathing my daughter, fall through the cracks from time to time. Ahem.

You girls are great, and it's nice to talk about some of the big stuff on here, rather than just post picture after picture of my darling girl or lament about my lack of skills in the kitchen. :)

*   *   *   *   *    

Next up, a few randoms rolling around in my big ol head.

1. Last weekend we went to a local (large) casino to see a comedian perform. It was hubby's early Father's Day present. The show was great, but LORDHAVEMERCY the casino! There were so.many people, I really couldn't believe it. It was almost like Vegas, only seriously, majorly, more depressing. Melting pot of America, you might say. Only that stuff at the bottom of the pot. You know, the stuff that got charred and stuck to the sides and you can't scrape off no matter how hard you try??? Yeah. That.

2. We are gearing up for a big sale in about a week, and I'm getting excited! And overwhelmed. This is an extension of our booth at the flea/antique market, so I've been stockpiling items and my guest bedroom and garage look like a dumping ground. Lovely. More on all of this later, but I feel like I need to make about 13 lists to get on top of everything and not lose my mind. 


4. I feel like it's the season of girls! I know like 5 people who have just had or will be having little girls. So fun. I highly recommend them. ;)

5. I finally discovered the miracle of cooking bacon in the oven. Not that I make bacon all that often.. at all, really. Sorry hubs. But the smell alone is a game changer.

6. Today has been rough, and it's not even noon yet. Evie isn't feeling well, so that means lots of whining. Bleh. I go back and forth, on days like these, between feeling so bad for her and being extra patient, to downright exasperated. Here's hoping her nap is looooong and restful. For both of us.

7. How big does she look in this picture??? Sheesh.

8. Our running group has been going really well. But those ladies have been dropping off like flies! There are like a fourth of the people as when we started. Nina and I have decided we need to keep meeting after it's over, otherwise we'll just start eating cheese and packing on our winter coats a few seasons too early. Preventative measures.

9. I really want to see that new Snow White movie. Charlize Theron looks crazy! And Snow White was always my favorite when I was a kid. My sister preferred Teen Wolf. You do the math.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Poor Evie! I too walk the fine line of wanting to smother Alex when he isn't feeling well and wanting to smother MYSELF when he throws a tantrum in the same breath because I have done something so horrible to try to feed him ice cream or something equally as terrible. Hopefully she will perk up soon.

    And hooray for the Thunder!! It's exciting to see the spotlight on Oklahoma for something other than Carrie Underwood or the fact we all ride our horses to school.

    And please keep supporting your local casino. As someone married to a member of the Choctaw & Cherokee tribes, my son's future college fund appreciates your patronage. :)


  2. Ugh, Casinos around here are sad. Not so fun when you see the desperation looming around there. It's not just a fun night out and a nice dinner for most. Did you see Dennis Miller? Dallas was really wanting to go and I'm kicking myself for not getting tickets..perfect Father's Day gift!

    I am getting so excited for the market! I may or may not have to keep everything I plan to sell. I like it all. This is my downfall.

    Evie does look so big and adorable, not a baby anymore, Momma.


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