Tuesday, November 9, 2010

36 Week Bumpdate

9 months!!!!

Do we think this hat makes me look a little too Jenny from the Block??
Shoot me straight, people. I asked hubby, but I'm not entirely convinced his answer wasn't fueled by a healthy fear of pregnancy-induced rage..

I think I'm officially ready to have this baby.

Not in the nursery is done and my hospital bag is packed and loose ends at work have been tied up and everything is in place and ready to bring her home kind of way.

Yeah, none of that, really.

Just me. And my body. We're ready.

I have no idea if she's actually dropped, but boy howdy, some days it certainly feels like she's primed and ready.

Did I tell you all that everything is back on track and she's not measuring small anymore?? Well she's not! They do an ultrasound every time and when I looked at the monitor, they had me at 36 weeks and 3 days, when in fact I was 35 weeks, 3 days. So we're thinking the system was probably off the week before, which is why her measurements came up so small.

Technical difficulties.


So anyway, it's great news, really, and Tiny Dancer measured in the 30th percentile. Also, we were able to see her lungs moving as she practiced her breathing!
The little over-achiever! :)

Here are a couple more hats I knit up over the weekend:

And no, I'm not worried that baby girl will look a thing like J.Lo.


  1. Wait-you were wearing a hat!?! Huh, I was too busy looking at your too precious bump to notice. I love the hats you made too......but not as much as the picture in my head of you sitting and knitting! So, so sweet!

    I remember feeling what you are feeling. Caught in between not wanting to give up the special bond you feel with the baby being pregnant, and getting annoyed at your ever shrinking bladder.... resulting in more pit stops than a NASCAR driver.

    Hang in there, girl! You are so close!!!


  2. Baby better wait until after lunch tomorrow! He he!

    I kind of am thinking you are wayyyyy an overachiever : )

  3. those hats are too cute, and so are you!

  4. I like the hat on you! I'm sure baby girl is going to love her hats too :-)


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