Monday, November 15, 2010

A Few Things

Good afternoon lovelies!

I have been promising myself that I would not only have Bumpdate posts while I'm pregnant, since I know that gets boring for about half of you.. so for today I'm sharing a few randoms.

1. Our glider was delivered on Wednesday! Finally. I totally took a picture of it sitting on our little front stoop/porch, but of course forgot to upload the picture. So let me describe it for you: No box. White glider. Same size as said stoop/porch. Plastic wrap haphazardly pushed off of the chair and falling behind it, as though some nosy neighbor had seen fit to get a better look at what exactly was delivered.
MAJOR FAIL, Pottery Barn delivery, MAJOR FAIL.
And then they called and woke me up on Saturday morning to schedule a time to deliver the blasted thing.

2. I thought I was going into labor yesterday. Well, kinda. I just felt different and had all sorts of "extra" pains/cramps/lightening pangs.. and what I am just certain were mild contractions! Clearly still pregnant, and feeling more or less "normal" today, so WHATEVER.

3. Are you watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta?? What is up with crazy Phaedra not knowing how far along she is and saying her doctor is going to induce her at 7 months?? Crazytown!! Also, Kim- you can't sing. Can't even carry a flippin tune. Get over yourself. This is why I love the Real Housewives. Trashy smut? Yes, probably, but pure entertainment.

4. I love Alec Baldwin. I watched "It's Complicated" again last night and he just cracks me up. Love him in 30 Rock, too.

5. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week??? Unbelievable. However, I have come to realize that I may be able to go my whole life without ever having to cook a turkey. And this suite me just fine.

6. I have been thinking of re-doing our front living room lately. Because I just don't have anything else going on right now, you know? A few inspiration photos I like:

Anyone sensing a theme?

Sorry, no sources. Blogging FAIL. I'm sorry!!!

7. Have you all turned on your heat yet? I am steadfastly refusing, even though it's about 10 degrees colder in our house than it is outside. I'm usually the cold one, but this whole oven/baby cooker thing has apparently gone to a whole other level, because I am loving it. Especially at night. Hubby came to bed in long johns and a knit cap last night, though, so I may have to give in soon..

8. And, finally- what we've all been thinking all day- What is up with Jessica Simpson getting engaged just DAYS after Nick Lachey??? I mean, seriously??? She's been dating this "football player" for a mere 6 months! This makes you look majorly desperate, JSimp!


  1. 4. Alec Baldwin is hilarious in The Departed!


  2. live the inspirational photos--super pretty! so with you on jsimps, and the heater is on for sure!

  3. I've SO thought the same thing about JSimp! Brutal, and can we believe it's been 5 years since their divorce??? We are getting old!


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