Wednesday, November 24, 2010

38 Week Bumpdate

Holy Smokes!!

Every week, when I see the number go up, I am shocked and amazed once again! I CANNOT believe that I have been cooking this baby for 38 flippin weeks! It seriously feels like I've been pregnant FOR-E-VERRRRRR.

But in a good way.

No doctor's appointment to look forward to this week, since it's Thanksgiving. Also, my doc is out of town for the holiday weekend, so I have mixed feelings about having her while he's gone.. frankly, I think the part of me that's ready to just meet her already wins out over having my own doctor deliver her. Hubby does not agree. :) He keeps telling her to stay in a litte while longer and I'm coercing her to get on out here every chance I get. Poor thing. All these mixed messages!

Who are you talking to, Mom?

Yes, that's a birthing/exercise ball next to me. I'm bouncing as I blog.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'll let you know if we have a little, Tiny Turkey Dancer!


  1. wahoo chick! she could be here anytime!! so excited for you!

  2. happy thanksgiving to all! Today "could' be the day of her arrival!! How happy you would be. I hope you labor "lightly"...I am sure all who have been thru it would agree! Blessings

  3. I keep expecting to see an email or something from you announcing she's here. Anytime now :) So exciting!

  4. Wow. You look amazing for a 39-week pregger. Do you even wear any pregnancy belts here? You're so fit. Wearing some tummy supporters make the posture maintained as well, aside from exercising. It could be really painful during the last three weeks of pregnancy, especially at the back part and hips. Walking could be a little hard, so there should be a lot of body support. I just saw your baby, and she's so adorable. Congratulations!


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