Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeling Festive

I know, I know- it's only mid-November, but I am SO ready for Christmas and all it's goodness! I love, LOVE Christmas time.. the lights, music, coziness.. the get-togethers and of course the food! 

I confess- I've been playing Christmas music for about a week now. The Sarah McLachlan Holiday station on Pandora is my current fav. There's nothing like some melancholy holiday music playing while you're snuggled up to the fire! But Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby will need to make an appearance soon.

And yes, as you can clearly see from these pictures- our tree is up! We finally sprung for a larger, fake tree this year, since it's Evie's first (well, actually second) year to celebrate. I want her growing up with lots of great memories from this special time of year. We went with pre-lit, so those are the lights you see. I haven't decorated it yet! But since we bought it, we thought we may as well put it up and start enjoying! It makes me happy. :)

We also put the lights up on our house this weekend. Hubby is thrilled and it looks fantastic! We'll likely wrap the tree by our front door at some point, too. 

I'm excited to start the tradition of an Advent Calendar with Evie this year. Does your family do one? We never did. If fact I had no idea what they were until I started reading blogs! But I think it will be such a fun tradition and I've started making ours, so I'll show it to you guys soon! 

I've also been hard at work on planning out and getting ready for Evie's birthday party. I still feel like I have lots to do, so I better get back to work! 

Have you started decorating your house for Christmas yet?? Tell me I'm not the only one! :)


  1. We just bought our first big tree too! Of course Andy did not want to spend the $ but I told him we are 33, we've been married 4 years and we're hosting Xmas so it's time!

  2. way to go getting your tree up! i need to hop to:) i love christmas music as well. We just had nora's b-day party a few weeks ago--can't believe the girlies are 1!

  3. What a sweet, little peanut she is. I nanny for a 18 month old and 6 month old (yes, they are a mere one year apart). Its crazy town for sure, but it's such a fun time too. No Christmas stuff up for us yet, but I did change my XM to the all Christmas cuts station in the car. No snow in Minnesota so it just doesn't feel like e holidays yet. I hear that will change on Saturday. And that means I need to go shopping for new mittens. ;)

  4. hi. not sure where i found your blog but happy i did :)
    that first picture is darling. i love how the lights turned out in the background. i'm loving the season, early is ok with me :)


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