Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Morning Thoughts + Insta Friday

That's a whole lotta Friday coming at ya.

We'll start with what's currently running through my larger-than-one-size-fits-most head:

1. I've really been thinking about this, and I think it's high time QT gets on the hopper with a drive-thru.

Am I right?? 

I mean, the money I've NOT spent at QT since I've had a baby is seriously astounding. What I wouldn't give to be able to just run in (or drive thru!!!!) and grab a coffee, especially now that it's cooling down. Don't think I haven't considered leaving Evie in the car while I made a mad dash inside.. 

Oh take it easy! I would NEVER!

2. My BABY will be a year old in a few short weeks. Sniffle. Party planning is in full swing. Nothing huge or extraordinary- she is still a baby, after all- but I'm still looking forward to it! Sneak peek of the invites is below!

3. ENTERTAINMENT NEWS FLASH: J Simpson is knocked up! One of those Kardashian girls is divorced! Shockers all around, and remember- you heard it here first, folks.

4. Any day now I'll break out the Christmas music. It's my fav. I would have done it already, but every night my husband suggests hanging up the Christmas lights on our house (no, seriously) and I keep trying to hold him off. He's mildly pumped about our festive display this year. I think if I start cranking Jingle Bells it will push him over the edge. 

5. Did you like our little Halloween Zebra?? Every time I look at that picture of Evie, all I can think of is my mom singing Bucky-la-beaver when we were kids. It's safe to say I inherited my mom's predilection for making up and singing random songs to her children. It's not a normal day around here if one of us isn't humming the nail-clipping tune I made up, Just a Little Clip Clip Clip. 

The chorus is especially catchy: It's not a big deee-aaal. It's juuuust a little cliiiip-eey. Just a little snipp-ey. A tiny little clippy.. 

You get the idea. An iTunes hit in the making.

6. We got our family pics in! I'll post some favorites soon. :)

7. I am so OVER Google Reader doing all these updates that only delete half my reads and put me in a bad mood. Anyone with me?

8. I came home from work yesterday and my MIL had Evie Girl in a little hat I knit her when I was pregnant (see picture below). SO CUTE! I will now be breaking out the knitting needles to make her more.

That's it. Why try to force it to ten, you know? ;)

Have a great weekend and Happy November!

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  1. The invites are adorable! Evie's little hat and thumb-sucking are also adorable!

  2. You're so lucky that D likes up out up Christmas lights. I'll be schlepping them on the bushes myself if I want them! ;) And I think we should start a petition for a QT drive thru


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