Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday {My Husband}

Have you seen the Thankful Trees people are making? I love this one and this one. In the back of my mind I was intending to make one this year, but time has gotten away from me. But next year we'll definitely put one up- or something like it! I think it's an awesome reminder to really think about what we're truly thankful for in our lives. And it's such a great example and tradition with the kiddos! Last night  as I was getting Evie ready for bed, I started telling her about Thanksgiving and listing things we should be thankful for. :) Such a precious moment.

Today I am beyond thankful for my husband.
Our wedding day

He is such a good provider, protector, friend. And goodness, isn't he handsome?! I can't really fathom life without him in it.. and thankfully I don't have to. 

We met nearly ten years ago (!) when we were both in college. We didn't start dating until we ran into each other a few years later on my 24th birthday. 

These days, my favorite thing about him is what a good daddy he is to our girl.. He takes fatherhood very seriously and I am forever grateful for that. It's such a joy to see Evie's face light up when she hears her daddy coming in the door.


Thank you, babe, for all that you do for Evie and I.. for all that you sacrifice, for all your hard work, for your concern, watchfulness and tenderness. We are SO blessed to have you. I love you.

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